Watching Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce together is like witnessing a fairytale unfold. Love truly knows no bounds. 💖 |T

Watching Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce together is like witnessing a fairytale unfold. Love truly knows no bounds. 💖✨


Almost everyone who knows Travis Kelce well — from his childhood BFF to Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes — uses the same phrase to describe him: “the life of the party.” After winning his third Super Bowl, he belted out “Viva Las Vegas” to 60,000 people in the stadium, including his girlfriend, Taylor Swift (and another 123 million viewers at home).

While back in Sin City to celebrate with his team at XS Nightclub on February 24, the tight end wore a WWE-style championship belt, sprayed fans with champagne and boozed until 4:15 a.m. At a Cleveland Cavaliers game on March 5, he lost a beer-chugging competition to his older brother, Jason. Wherever he is, says a source, “Travis definitely likes to have fun.”

Those close to the football star — including several ex-girlfriends — are exclusively telling In Touch about Travis’ wild side. Taylor, 34, “may be in for a shock,” says the source, noting that Travis has downplayed past mistakes and hasn’t exactly stopped flirting with other women since they met eight months ago. “He’s in love with Taylor, but there’s a side to him that she doesn’t know about.”

She might want to start by checking his DMs. Travis, 34, “was using social media to meet women and flying them out to see him before he met Taylor. He was stealthy about it, so no one really knew,” says the source. “And even after he and Taylor began seeing each other, he was still liking women’s photos on IG — models, singers like Coco Jones, influencers like Dixie D’Amelio. It definitely makes the story of how they met a little less romantic!”

Taylor wasn’t even the first celebrity in his sights. “Travis reached out to Megan Thee Stallion to try his luck with her,” says the source, adding that though Travis and the 29-yearold rapper were later spotted hanging out at the 2023 CMT Awards in April, he was rejected. “It seems like once he became more famous and well known, he was trying to hook up with bigger celebrities.”

Fans Think A 2009 Taylor Swift Interview Proves Travis Kelce Is Perfect For Her

Taylor Swift And Travis Kelce Moments

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Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s romance was written in the stars — or at least in Glamour magazine.

One observant fan spotted as much this week after flipping through a 2009 issue featuring Swift on the cover. In the Glamour article, the singer-songwriter described her ideal partner. Swifties were stunned when those words seemed to perfectly match the man she’s dating today.

“I think it’s more a question of confidence,” Swift, 19 at the time, told Glamour.

“I wouldn’t want to be with a pushover who would let me make all the plans and have all the control,” she continued. “It’s really natural for me to go into planning mode, but I’d rather be with someone who has his own voice and passion and ambition.”

Kelce, a tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs, is arguably the farthest thing from a pushover, since his job involves regularly blocking tackles for his quarterback. As for having his own voice ― well, Kelce does host a weekly podcast with his brother.

Swift also said in the Glamour interview that it can put strain on a romantic relationship when one person is a professional entertainer and the other isn’t. After “interviews all day” and being “on stage every night,” Swift told the magazine, she “can only give someone what’s left.”

“It’s always going to be long-distance, even if I date the boy who lives next door to me in Nashville,” she added. “I’ll be flying to see him and flying him places to see me. It feels like it would involve more scheduling, and I already deal with a lot of scheduling in my life.”

Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce and singer-songwriter Taylor Swift have traveled to attend each other's football games and concerts.

Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce and singer-songwriter Taylor Swift have traveled to attend each other’s football games and concerts.

Swift told the outlet she “would probably stop thinking that way” if only she “met somebody who was worth it.” Fast forward to 2024, and the singer has not only flown out to Kansas City, New York and Boston to see Kelce play, but seen him return the favor.

What about that “question of confidence” Swift emphasized? Kelce arguably answered it months before they hard-launched their relationship in October. He not only tried to give her his number at an “Eras Tour” concert in July, but spoke about the attempt on his podcast.

“Travis very adorably put me on blast on his podcast, which I thought was metal as hell,” Swift recently told Time magazine, which named her its Person of the Year for 2023. “We started hanging out right after that. So we actually had a significant amount of time that no one knew, which I’m grateful for, because we got to know each other.”

Swifties are naturally overwhelmed at how prescient the singer’s old interview has proven.


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