“Bam Fried that bum”: NBA fans react to Bam Adebayo roasting Jayson Tatum’s Coach watch endorsement

“Bam Fried that bum”: NBA fans react to Bam Adebayo roasting Jayson Tatum’s Coach watch endorsement

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NBA fans react to Bam Adebayo roasting Jayson Tatum’s Coach watch endorsement

Jayson Tatum took to his Instagram to announce his new endorsement with Coach. The Boston Celtics star posted a moody, motley shot showing off a gold Coach watch to mark his debut as the face of the fashion brand. Tatum had no shame in the post.

However, the comments section did not exactly approve of Tatum’s modeling skills. Some NBA players even got in on the fun.

Miami Heat forward Bam Adebayo clowned Tatum in the comments. He posted a comical comment to Tatum’s Coach ad.

“OK sassy king,” Adebayo wrote.

“OK sassy king,” Adebayo wrote.

Adebayo added the painted nails emoji followed by laughing crying faces. The comical comment was a funny shot at Tatum. The two All-Stars are friends and have a friendly history.

The NBA community loved the interaction. Many jumped to social media to react to Adebayo roasting Tatum. One fan thought Adebayo really got the best of Tatum.

“Bam fried that bum,” one fan wrote.

There were plenty of comments that followed on the train going at Tatum for his fancy post. Check out the social media reaction below.

Bam Adebayo and Jayson Tatum’s relationship

Bam Adebayo and Jayson Tatum may not be friends when the Miami Heat battle the Boston Celtics. However, the two are friends after the whistle and off the floor.

Last season the two shared a nice moment on the court after a Celtics vs. Heat game. The video went viral as the TV broadcast caught the two laughing back and forth over an undisclosed conversation. The players pulled the usual move of covering their mouths, so there was no confirmation of what was so funny between the two before they dapped each other up. Check out the video.

Both players came into the league in the 2017 NBA draft. Jayson Tatum was the third overall pick, and Bam Adebayo went 14th.

The two have gone to battle many times on the floor. They have faced off in the Eastern Conference finals in three of the past four seasons. Adebayo came out on top in two of those three matchups. Neither went on to win the NBA title.

Despite being friends off the floor, Adebayo said there is no love lost on the hardwood. When asked if he talks to Tatum between games during a playoff series, Adebayo had a stark response.

“[Expletive] no. I mean, uh … no,” Adebayo said. “I don’t even talk to him on the court. He’s got on a green jersey, my jersey’s red.”

Bam Adebayo and Jayson Tatum clearly like to have fun with each other. They could be in line to face off in the playoffs once more. The Celtics are the likely one seed in the upcoming playoffs. The Miami Heat are in seventh right now with the same record as the eighth-seed Philadelphia 76ers.

If the Heat end up in the play-in tournament, they could easily end up with the eighth seed. They would then have to play the Celtics in the first round.

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