Celtics’ Jaylen Brown gets concerning injury update after holding ground vs Zion Williamson

Celtics’ Jaylen Brown gets concerning injury update after holding ground vs Zion Williamson

Celtics Jaylen Brown looks at Zion Williamson during Pelicans game, Jaylen Brown reporters react to his injury

Jaylen Brown revealed the presence of a concerning ailment following Boston’s battle with New Orleans.

The Boston Celtics engaged in an intense road matchup against Zion Williamson and the New Orleans Pelicans on Saturday. Boston bested New Orleans 104-92; however, Jaylen Brown gave reporters a concerning injury update after the game.

Brown said his left hand had been bothering him recently and that he was going to get it checked out when the team got back to Boston, per Boston Globe National’s Gary Washburn. Hopefully, the ailment is not anything serious and Brown gets the treatment he needs.

Boston needs Brown to aid in their ultimate goal of winning a championship in 2024. The 27-year-old is having another stellar season after making the 2022-23 All-NBA team. Brown averages 23.3 points, 5.5 rebounds, 3.6 assists, and has tied his career-high in steals with 1.2 per game through 65 games.

He showed his two-way might against the Pelicans by amassing 17 points, seven rebounds, six assists, one block, and one steal. Most importantly, he helped play hounding defense on Zion Williamson, who was “held” to 25 points.

Jaylen Brown: Celtics’ most prized defender

Jaylen Brown did not allow his efforts on Zion Williamson to go unnoticed. He gushed when speaking to reporters about his matchup and displayed the pride he takes on defense.

“I feel like [being a versatile defender] is something my team relies on me to do now. So I take it with honor and responsibility. [Williamson] was my matchup, and I wanted to make sure we made it tough on him, and I think we did,” Brown said, per Celtics on NBC Sports.

Brown recognized Williamson for his strength, explosiveness, and craftiness around the basket, saying “You don’t see a lot of guys like Zion in the world.”

He said Williamson’s attributes were the reasons one needs to be able to hold their ground and be quick enough to stay in front of the star forward. Brown rose to the challenge and gave the Pelicans star a tough time throughout the night. He made sure everyone knew that he was not backing down.

“In that moment, I was letting him know, letting everyone else in the gym know, I’m not going anywhere. I’m strong enough to hold my ground,” Brown added.

The Celtics star emphasized the importance of defensive versatility and believes he has exemplified his skill in multiple ways. Brown can often be seen switching the position he guards and the tasks he does on defense.

For example, he bangs in the paint with forces like Williamson but also picks up guards full court and tries to force turnovers. In addition, he chases shooters off screens and makes a concerted effort to make plays like blocks and steals in transition.

Brown is arguably Boston’s most prized defender and the team continues to rely on him amid their stellar run.

What’s next for the Celtics?

The Celtics improved their record to 58-16 with their win over New Orleans. Boston retains its first-place standing in the Eastern Conference playoff picture. The team needs to focus on closing the regular season out steadily in preparation for its deep playoff run.

Jaylen Brown will focus on getting healthy amid his hand injury scare, as will the rest of his teammates. All in all, it will be interesting to see what Boston does as the 2024 NBA Playoffs approach.

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