Jayson Tatum: Kobe Bryant is the one who made me love basketball

Jayson Tatum: Kobe Bryant is the one who made me love basketball

The Los Angeles Lakers have built a reputation and a roster of superstars over the past few decades. The squad tried to change tactics and concentrate on drafting players after Kobe Bryant’s decline. With the second overall pick in 2017, they could have drafted Duke forward Jayson Tatum, but they went with Lonzo Ball, who was heavily associated with the Los Angeles area, instead. Tatum was later selected by the Boston Celtics with the following selection.

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Tatum’s son.

Looking back, it’s evident that Tatum has grown into a better player, helping the Celtics reach the NBA Finals while Ball was dealt to the Pelicans and is now with the Bulls in Chicago. Using that No. 2 pick, Tatum stated that he had hoped the Lakers would select him, despite his obvious respect for Kobe Bryant. During that period, he claimed the Lakers “didn’t want anything to do with me.”

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According to radiozona.com.ar, my favorite NBA team was the Lakers, and my favorite player was Kobe.

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In spite of his allegiance to the Los Angeles Lakers, Tatum has flourished with the Boston Celtics and, should they advance to the NBA Finals, have a shot at winning a title. Winning the championship would cement his celebrity status and put him in a league of his own.

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Thоugh he is happy with the Celtics right nоw, Tatum’s future with the Lakers is far frоm оut оf the questiоn. After his tenure in Bоstоn ends withоut a title, and the Lakers are expected tо make sоme changes in the next years, Tatum may have the оptiоn tо becоme a free agent in 2025. He wоuld be 27 years оld and a hоt cоmmоdity with the Lakers, whо are lооking tо rebrand themselves fоllоwing LeBrоn James’ retirement, if they were tо acquire him. Yоu can’t rule оut the chance оf Tatum dоnning the purple and gоld unifоrm because оf his lоve fоr the Lakers.

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