Taylor Swift And Travis Kelce Reportedly Had Gym Members Waiting Outside So They Could Workout Alone

Taylor Swift And Travis Kelce Reportedly Had Gym Members Waiting Outside So They Could Workout Alone

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce were recently spotted at a popular gym in West Hollywood, California, where they reportedly had the whole place to themselves while gym members were forced to queue outside.

The power couple stepped out for some sushi on Sunday and then squeezed a workout into their day after heading to the Dogpound gym, where the Cruel Summer singer is known to frequent.

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce, who returned from their vacation in the Bahamas, reportedly shut down a gym for a private workout

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Taylor and the Kansas City Chiefs tight end allegedly shut down the popular gym for their Sunday workout, according to the Daily Mail. An eyewitness also claimed that they saw gym members waiting “outside for two hours” so the couple could enjoy their privacy while working out.

However, some reports suggest that this may not be true.

Taylor, who began rolling out her history-making Eras Tour last year, revealed how it takes intense physical and mental effort to belt out over 40 songs at each concert while dancing for nearly the entire show.

An eyewitness claimed to see gym members waiting “outside for two hours” while the power couple worked out

The songstress told Time magazine that she began getting in shape for the Eras Tour about six months before the tour commenced in March last year.

“I knew this tour was harder than anything I’d ever done before by a long shot,” she told the outlet in December. “I finally, for the very first time, physically prepared correctly.”

She explained that she had to run on the treadmill every day while singing her concert’s setlist out loud, in addition to specialized strength training and lifting weights as part of her workout regimen.

Taylor Swift revealed that she began working out about six months ahead of her Eras Tour

“I wanted to get it in my bones. I wanted to be so over-rehearsed that I could be silly with the fans, and not lose my train of thought,” she went on to say. “Learning choreography is not my strong suit.”

She also noted that her choreographer, Mandy Moore, who was recommended to her by her longtime friend Emma Stone, “completely changed [her] relationship to choreography, and somehow got into [her] brain and figured out exactly how [she] would think about things.”

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