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Taylor Swift is successful and dominates the modern music industry from streams, sales, touring, Awards, Charts, media, enough and more than enough to compete directly with other men in the industry (a force that has always and dominated women for many centuries). This is exactly the same as Madonna in the 1980s and 1990s when Madonna was still successful, still dominating and still standing in front of the big names at that time (And now only Taylor can do that).

Taylor Swift is in charge of her own life, in charge of her music career, in control of her own brand and personal image, has full control over her own music decisions, and dares to stand up and fight with the giants in the industry. music industry. This is exactly the same as Madonna’s grandmother’s illustrious career, when she was always the leader in her own career and life (I think Taylor learned this from her grandmother).

Taylor Swift knows how to take advantage of the media to promote herself and her music products to the public, something Madonna also did decades ago, but the difference is that Madonna does this boldly. break the rules and more.

Madonna vs. Taylor Swift, duelo de videoclips

Taylor Swift is clever in responding to haters who always want to drag her career to the bottom through her own music products. This is exactly the same as how Madonna lived, existed, and had to make foreign haters feel sorry for herself in the past. And I think that no one can do this better than these two talented women, when they know how to use words as a voice of life, and it can also become a sharp point that makes people The guy out there had to keep quiet.

Taylor Swift has a successful music career that spans many years, decades, and many different periods, which is exactly the same as Madonna’s illustrious career when she also had a successful career that continued. continued success (This is considered a rare precedent in the history of the recording industry, when almost 95% of women have a very short prime period compared to the rest of music). This is also easy to understand and you can clearly see one thing that both of them have in common, which is that all of their moves are clearly planned and calculated, always knowing how to measure and measure everything, so don’t worry. Thinking that having a long and successful career is a matter of luck, everything has a strategy and arrangement.

Madonna & Taylor Swift Perform Together at iHeart Radio Awards
Taylor Swift and Madonna both created a “wave” of fans exploding around the world through sold-out tours, something unprecedented in history for a woman in the industry. A wave in which the two appeared in every corner of popular culture, a media fever unprecedented in their time.

It’s clear that the musical egos of Madonna and Taylor Swift are really very different. Madonna represents rebellion, boldness, breaking the rules and norms of society and culture, while Taylor is the opposite. I think Taylor’s music and direction are “safe”. But being safe does not mean lacking symbolism, because basically there will be many different music listeners, they love this singer just because she sings with a guitar, and maybe they will love another singer because that person creates performances with professional choreography and good vocals. So they will be iconic in their own way and their own direction. And the fact that Taylor spoke out publicly to condemn industry giants for exploiting artists is an iconic moment of the century.

To be able to see Madonna’s music more clearly, please look at Lady Gaga, the artist who I consider to be the clearest reflection of Madonna’s ego in the modern era. Maybe Lady Gaga will not be able to reflect it. everything Madonna has done, but at least Lady Gaga has been very successful in continuing Madonna’s ego and values in the last century.

Madonna vs. Taylor Swift, duelo de videoclips

This is definitely not an article comparing whether Madonna or Taylor Swift is better, because actually for me personally, Madonna is more than an artist, Madonna is a symbol of leadership, confidence, independent, and as an artist, I have not seen anyone in history who has changed social culture more than Madonna has. Madonna is a political and cultural figure, and the people of the country once had a spiritual life called “Madonna”. So I think the name Madonna has surpassed the boundaries of the two foreign words “artist” and embodies a classic culture of America in particular and the world in general in the 20th century.

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