Taylor Swift looks so stunning in a maroon gown as a bridesmaid at her best friend – Abigail Anderson’s luxurious wedding💓💓

Since high school, she has been pals with the stunning woman with curly hair. She even dedicated her 2009 hit song, “Fifteen,” to the collegiate years they shared.

It follows that Taylor Swift’s performance at her best friend Abigail Anderson’s wedding this past Saturday on Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts, was quite the hit.

The 27-year-old singer, whose most recent remix song is called “Look What You Made Me Do,” looked stunning in a halterneck maroon dress as she took care of her blonde friend at the lavish wedding on the well-known island just south of Cape Cod.

Taylor Swift stole the show at her best friend Abigail Anderson’s wedding on Martha’s Vineyard in Massachusetts on Saturday because she had to be there.

Taylor looked stunning in this floor-length gown that hugged her slender body and fell into a soft A-line skirt. It had a classic sweetheart neckline.

Taylor’s lipstick was a vibrant wine hue that complemented the color of her dress. Her free locks and delicate, smoky eye completed the ensemble in a sophisticated manner.

However, the country music artist ensured that all eyes were on the stunning bride Abigail as she carried her lengthy train into the chapel and performed her duties as a bridesmaid by donning just a plain silver pendant

Fulfilling her duties: It is no wonder Taylor Swift was front and centre at best pal Abigail Anderson's wedding on Saturday, held at the stunning Martha's Vineyard in Massachusetts

Prepare for autumn: Taylor looked stunning in her floor-length gown, which hugged her slender figure and featured a traditional sweetheart neckline.


But Abigail really made an impression with her exquisite wedding gown, which stood out since it was a soft pink and off-white color.


The dress fell to a lovely, strapless neckline, and the delicate white lace pattern hugged her slender figure all the way down.


The bridal gown evolved into a dramatic fishnet bottom composed of vivid pink tulle in order to create a more dramatic effect. Taylor had to assist her in carrying it because of its size.


Abigail accessorized her stunning appearance with a long cream veil, matching lace flowers in her curled hair, and a bouquet of pink and maroon flowers that she carried with her as she entered the room to exchange vows.

The bride arrives! In the meantime, Abigail’s extravagant bridal gown—which defied convention with its off-white and pale pink color—definitely stole the show.

Stunning: The dress then cascaded into a soft A-line skirtReady for fall: Taylor looked effortlessly stunning in her floor-length gown - which cut into a classic sweetheart neckline and clung to her slender frame

Beautiful: The dress fell gracefully to reveal a stunning strapless necklin

e before its delicate white lace pattern flawlessly caressed her slender frame all the way down.

Teamwork: The wedding dress evolved into a dramatic fishnet bottom of bright pink tulle in order to create a bigger impression. Taylor had to assist her in carrying it because it was so full.

Taylor attended the wedding with her mother Andrea, with whom she was acquainted in school. Wearing a black knee-length dress and matching shawl, she exuded elegance just as much.

While spending the weekend at the wedding with her family and friends, Taylor maintained an air of composure. This came following the release of the music video for the first track off her new album, “Look What You Made Me Do,” which generated considerable controversy.

The song has already become a major hit, despite making people chuckle. With 30,000 downloads and 5.3 million streams in its first week, it shot to the top of the UK chart.

Swift dressed entirely in black to project an angry image, fitting the more darker and rougher tone of the new album. It was rumored that the lyrics made mockery of Tom Hiddleston, Kim Kardashian, Kanye West, and Katy Perry.

Stunning: The dress pulled into a gorgeous strapless neckline, before it perfectly hugged her slim frame all the way down with its delicate white lace pattern 

It shows someone snapping a photo of Perry’s persona getting into a serious auto accident.

The lyrics seem to be referring to Perry when she claims in the second stanza that her nameless opponent “locked me out and threw a fast.” This might be a reference to Bon Appetit by Katy.

It’s also believed that the second verse’s line, “They once belonged to me,” refers to her argument with Perry regarding their tour dancers.

In the video, Taylor discussed her enemy’s “perfect crime” while lying in a bathtub filled with diamonds. Apparently, this was a dig at Kim.

Supporters believe the bird was alluding to Kim’s spooky jewelry theft in October in Paris.

Lastly, Taylor can be seen sporting “I Heart Taylor Swift” t-shirts with backup dancers, which were notably donned by her ex-boyfriend Tom Hiddleston in July of last year.

This single is the first track off her upcoming sixth studio album, Reputation, which is scheduled for release on November 10.

She helped those affected by Hurricane Harvey, but she still plans to attend the wedding despite her hectic work schedule.

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