Travɪs Kelce breakꜱ ꜱɪlence on why Taylor swɪft restrɪct him from strɪp clubꜱ’ “She is in charge, ɪ wɪll do whatever she wantꜱ now”…

Taylor Swift has laid down the law in her relationship with Travis Kelce and the NFL star isn’t too happy with some of them, according to a report.

The Kansas City Chiefs tight end has found himself thrust into the spotlight amid his relationship with the popstar and she is said to be cautious about his public image, particularly following his drunken display at the Super Bowl parade.

Travis Kelce has been pictured downing champagne and partying in a Las Vegas club while surrounded by scantily-clad women after leaving girlfriend Taylor Swift behind in Australia.

The NFL star landed in Sydney on Thursday morning to meet up with his popstar girlfriend after his Super Bowl victory and watch her perform one of her Eras Tour shows.

However, the couple’s reunion was short and sweet as Kelce boarded a flight just a couple of days later to return to the US for more celebrations in Las Vegas.

Kelce landed in Sin City at 8.30am on Saturday and wasted no time in returning to the dancefloor with teammate and best friend Patrick Mahomes, who was already in Vegas for a friend’s bachelor party.

But video and pictures obtained by from inside the Lavo club in Las Vegas show Kelce with a giant magnum of champagne in hand.

Travis Kelce has been pictured downing champagne and partying in a Las Vegas club

Kelce is surrounded by scantily-clad women and appears to be speaking to some of them

Another video shows the Super Bowl winner sinking champagne from a huge magnum

Kelce looks to be having a great time on the dancefloor as he’s surrounded by his friends

Kelce was partying with Chiefs quarterback and close friend Partick Mahomes (bottom right)

Kelce’s group departed from the Venetian hotel in a party bus to continue their wild night

While stood on the packed dance floor, Kelce can be seen downing the champagne as he celebrates with his friends.

Wearing a bright Hawaiian style shirt, Kelce was also said to be stood on top of his table as his group partied from 2pm to 5pm.

They then departed from the Venetian hotel in a party bus to continue their wild night elsewhere on the city’s iconic strip.

It comes after Swift laid down the law in their their relationship and set Kelce some rules for him to follow.

Kelce wore a bright yellow, Hawaiian style shirt that was clearly visible

And now six months into their relationship, the songstress reportedly feels she’s in a position to be able to establish some ground rules.

Travis is believed to be on board with most of the rules but some reportedly have him rolling his eyes. One of Taylor’s new rules prohibits the Super Bowl winner from going to strip clubs, which he is ‘fine’ with, but another banning him from posing with female fans left him exasperated, a source told Life & Style.

The football player appears to understand Taylor’s need and talent for shaping her $1.1billion public image but reportedly sometimes feels the need to draw the line.

‘He has no interest in playing a calculated media game if it’s going to make him think twice about every move he makes. That’s not his style,’ adds the source. Kelce was spotted wearing a t-shirt from a famous Las Vegas strip club in November on his way out of Allegiant Stadium after his Chiefs team beat the Raiders.

The tight end took a moment to greet fans on his way out and there was, as always, plenty of attention on what Taylor Swift’s boyfriend was wearing – given his love of fashion.

Travis Kelce breaks silence on why Taylor swift restrict him from strip clubs’ “She is in charge, i will do whatever she wants now”....

And his shirt raised some eyebrows, as judging by one fan’s posts across social media, it had the words ‘Crazy Horse, Las Vegas’ emblazoned across it – the name of the Sin City strip club, Crazy Horse 3. It has been confirmed to  that Kelce was not wearing it as part of a paid endorsement – it was his own choice to have it on.

Taylor also allegedly expects her NFL beau to FaceTime her, instead of texting her, while they’re separated by their successful careers. However, this isn’t as rule as such, but rather a hint or request.

‘She didn’t overtly say it, but she secretly wants to see where he is and who he’s with. Taylor’s a good judge of character and fears that some of his buddies are red flags,’ the source claimed to the outlet.

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