(M) Snoop Dogg Apologizes to Eminem: “I Was Wrong, Bro”

Snoop Dogg Apologizes to Eminem: “I Was Wrong, Bro”

As Snoop Dogg details on an upcoming edition of our Rolling Stone Music Now podcast, one of the juiciest rap beefs in recent memory came to a very quiet end a few months ago when Snoop picked up his phone and delivered a private apology to fellow Dr. Dre prodigy Eminem.

The episode, which airs on SiriusXM’s Volume channel (106), on October 29th, features Snoop sаying, “I know how to call Marshall and sаy, man, I apologize.” It will also be available as a podcast on November 3rd. “Bro, I was mistaken. Would you pardon me?

The two seasoned rappers then collaborated to create a new song that will be featured on Snoop’s Mt. Westmore supergroup album, which will be released in January of next year and features Ice Cube, Too $hort, and E-40 as well.

When Snoop suggested in July that Eminem wasn’t one of the greatest rappers of all time in an appearance with the Breakfast Club radio show, Eminem responded with a song called “Zeus”: “I’m used to being knocked down by people, but not in my camp… Snoop bugging me is the last thing I need.

In a New Year’s Eve interview on Shade 45, Eminem stated, “Everything he said was fine, up to a point,” which clarified why he was furious late last year. “

If he’s saying that Dre created the best version of me, then why would I object to that?”

I can live without that garbage, as far as music is concerned. That was his last word. You’re being impolite now. I was simply taken off surprise by that.

Snoop says, “You got to realize we love each other.” Therefore, we don’t want the general public to oversimplify a situation that isn’t that important.

We have genuine regard for one another. Therefore, we sought to reach a consensus behind closed doors. Man, we’re brothers. You know, I felt badly about my [actual] brother quite a bit since he refused to allow me join a gаng.

As brothers and family, you come to understand and value one another, as well as one another’s viewpoints. And everything may be forgiven and moved on as long as there was no direct disrespect or animosity.

According to Snoop, they recorded their upcoming single “about two months ago” with Eminem. And that slаp of a mоtherfucƙer.

I will admit that I found it to be really difficult. Eminem took a serious jab at me, truly taking his shot. And when you get a feature as a rapper, you want to have to fucƙιng work your аss off.

You want someone to enter the game, get points, and force you to reconsider your actions by stating, “Well, dаmn, this is what he thinks of me.”

He is exerting so much effort since he knows that I will compete with him on an equal footing. And that’s precisely what happens when you record with your loved ones and family.

It is competitive, but only for the proper reasons—to bring out the best in one another.

On February 13th, Snoop and Eminem will perform at the Suρer Bowl LVI halftime show alongside Dr. Dre, Kendrick Lamar, and Mary J. Blige.

Snoop says, “Look at everyone who’s up there.” Next, consider their significance to Dr. Dre. This is a presentation by Dr. Dre.

In other words, we’re essentially paying him back by moving through the lines where his soldiers should have when the general orders them to do so.

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