Kansas city Chiefs fan’s overwhelmed as Travis Kelce delights Mom with $3.1m House after purchasing his $6m mansion

Travis Kelce is expanding his real estate portfolio. The NFL-star-also-known-as-Taylor-Swift’s-new-love-interest recently purchased a $6 million home in Kansas City, Missouri. It’s apparently a major upgrade from his current residence, which is basically a Mojo Dojo Casa House.

Kelce bought the swanky new property for better privacy while dating Taylor Swift, according to TMZ. As public fascination with the new couple continues to grow, it’s no surprise that the athlete is serious about protecting their relationship by investing in a paparazzi-free hideaway. (Given Kelce’s Kansas City-based career, the lovebirds can’t exactly shack up in one of Taylor’s many properties—plus, she’s already lent her Watch Hill, Rhode Island home to another publicity-shy new couple, Bradly Cooper and Gigi Hadid.)

Sources told TMZ that Kelce’s existing house was “simply far too accessible” and “starting to become a tourist attraction.” It’s easy for paparazzi to park right outside of the place, and the situation was reportedly making Kelce uncomfortable. Understandable!

According to the New York Post, Kelce was also “a little self-conscious with his pretty modest pad and wanted something a bit more grandeur to impress his new love interest.” (As Taylor herself might say, we know that it’s delicate.)

His new home reportedly boasts six bedrooms and six bathrooms, spanning thousands of square footage. While it’s unclear what neighborhood the home is located in (and that’s probably for the best!), the property exists in a gated community with a host of amenities including a pool with a waterfall, a tennis court, a pickleball court, and a mini golf course, per TMZ.

There are no reports yet on Kelce’s plans for his other Kansas City home. Located in the Briarcliff West neighborhood, that residence cost him $995,000 in 2019. Perhaps we’ll see it on the market soon! In any case, his new home purchase barely compares to Swift’s $150 million real estate portfolio. But it’s a good start! And, who knows, maybe the kickoff of a new era?

“Faпs have criticized Taylor Swift, пotiпg that she begaп coпsυmiпg alcohol iп pυblic shortly after arriviпg at the field, пot eveп 30 miпυtes iпto her appearaпce.”

Thursday, in which she pokes fun at her drunk self set to her song “Nothing New” from the “vault” of the “Red (Taylor’s Version)” album.

In the clip, Swift, 31, appears dressed in a powder blue sweater and sings the lyrics, “I’ve had too much to drink.”

The song, however, gets slowed down from its usual speed to create the special “Drunk Taylor’s Version” and then cuts to photos of the singer looking very disheveled at a party.

“Drunk Taylor was her name. Mojitos were her game,” appears written over the photos of Swift in a sparkly dress, bright red lip and messy hair.Swift taken by pals at the party and used the hashtag #drunktaylor.

Swift then brought back “Drunk Taylor” Thursday for the trend, and captioned the posts on Instagram and TikTok, “I cringe but I miss her. Your move @phoebebridgers.”

She tagged Bridgers, 27, because the singer-songwriter is a collaborator on “Nothing Bridgers’ voice, telling the late-night host, “If she sings it, I will listen to it.”

“I love her voice, and I also love that she’s a very funny person,” the “Blank Space” singer added. “I really wanted another female artist who I loved to sing it with me, because I think it was a very female artist perspective … And her response was, ‘I’ve been waiting for this text my entire life.’”

Bridgers has not yet recreated the “Drunk Taylor”

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