Throwback Delight: Taylor Swift Channels Cuteness in Bunny Outfit Alongside Mom Andrea in Easter 1990 Video

Taylor Swift has been known to engage with her fans by dropping the occasional Easter egg during her career over the years.

But on Sunday, the pop superstar’s management team, known as Taylor Nation, shared a throwback Easter clip of Swift as an infant wearing an adorable bunny suit while being cradles in her mother’s arms.

The cute video appears to show Andrea Swift trying to say something to her daughter, who’s three-month-old considering the silent clip is dated March 14, 1990.

The future singer-songwriter can be seen staring straight at the camera as she waves her tiny arms around as if to say hi in her pink and white furry bunny outfit.

‘Dropping easter eggs since 1989. What’s your favorite that you’ve found through the eras?’ it reads in the caption.

Taylor Swift was three-months-old when this video of her mother, Andrea Swift, was shot in 1990

Known for dropping those mysterious Easter eggs throughout her career, her Taylor Nation management team decided to drop an obvious one for Easter

Taylor Swift’s management team, known as Taylor Nation, shared a throwback clip of the pop superstar being held by her mom dressed up in a bunny suit to mark Easter Sunday

While the traditional definition of Easter eggs are known to be a sweet treat associated with the holiday, when it comes to Taylor Swift, an Easter egg is a recent term for dropping hidden pop culture messages that reference other projects or offer hints about upcoming events, according to People.

While this most recent term for Easter egg is something many people use to engage with others, the pop superstar has appeared to make an art of it when she uses them for self promotion.

In fact, Swift, now 34, has become famous for dropping them in her songs and music videos since early on in her career that dates back to when she was just a teenager.

The publication maintains her earliest Easter eggs were hidden messages she wrote to fans in the liner notes of her albums using capital letters to explain what songs are about.

Just last month, Swift used the Grammy Awards to announce she’s was going to release her 11th studio album The Tortured Poet’s Department in April.

But many of her Swifties believe she signaled the new album in her music video for Bejeweled when she was seen holding a clock that said ‘Exile ends’ with the numbers 2 and 3.

In hindsight, many fans think Swift could have been signaling her new music era would come after this date, since the announcement of The Tortured Poets Department was made on February 4.

In another Easter egg instance the musician and her frequent collaborator Jack Antonoff seemingly teased her 11th while in the studio celebrating Cruel Summer reaching number one on the Billboard Hot 100 chart in October 2023.

Swift's management team, known as Taylor Nation, referenced her penchant for dropping Easter eggs when they shared this clip on Instagram

Andrea Swift and her husband regularly drove their daughter into New York City for singing and acting lessons when she was a child

In the past Taylor has revealed that she and Austin like to spend their Easter holiday having Easter egg breaking contests; the Lover star is pictured with her dad and mom in April 2013

Swift ended up sharing two photos of herself and the writer-producer throwing up their hands up in excitement that totaled 11 fingers, which many fans again think it was a reference to upcoming album 11.

This new throwback video of baby Taylor was likely shot in her hometown of West Reading, Pennsylvania just one month before Easter.

At this time, in early 1990, the Swift family were living on a Christmas tree farm that her father, Scott Swift, bought from one of his clients while working as a stockbroker for Merrill Lynch.

She and her younger brother, Austin Swift, now 32, spent their summers at the family’s vacation home in Stone Harbor, New Jersey.

In the past Taylor has revealed that she and Austin like to spend their Easter holiday having Easter egg breaking contests.

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