Everyone Is Saying The Same Thing About The Wild & Seemingly Dangerous “Ice Football” League That’s Taking The Internet By Storm (VIDEO)

It looks like fans are starting to love a whole new created sport that combines two of them into one.

A highlight reel shows football being played in Germany on ice and it has gone incredibly viral.

The rink is much smaller than an NFL field, but the tackling is so much harder as players try to navigate and cut on ice. No players on the ice are wearing skates, forcing them to run to get a first down on the ice on their own two feet.

The viral clip has gained plenty of support to show a full game in the United States.

Social media is loving it and wanting more of this ice football:

This is amazing

The gridiron game took place inside the confines of a hockey rink at the home of the Bundesliga.

The rink is around half the size of a normal NFL field so midfield would be at the 25-yard line.

The first play in the clip features an unknown player seemingly taking a handoff, getting a nice block from his teammate and rushing for a touchdown.

You could also see what looks like an extra-point or field-goal attempt, but with the kicker losing his footing, shanking the kick to the right and falling to the ice.

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