When Salma Hayek Spat Water On Eminem’s Face Leaving Herself Humiliated & The Rapper Shocked At The Oscars Backstage: “Oh My God My Hero Thinks I’m A Freak”

Salma Hayek in one of her appearances on The Kelly Clarkson Show, was asked about her meeting with Eminem

Salma Hayek, the bombshell beauty, has had the power to make every man fall at her feet with her single glance, but she once got flabbergasted while meeting one of her favourite celebrities, the renowned rapper Eminem. The actress once shared her awkward meeting with the American rapper backstage and how she humiliated herself and got him all wet and not in a sensuous way. Keep scrolling to get the deets.

The Desperado star often shares her sultry bikini pictures on her Instagram setting up goals at her age for her followers, but still, she gets awkward around her idol as well, and the story only proves that she is also like one of us. The actress, while sharing the story, fully demonstrated what went down between her and the rapper.

Salma Hayek in one of her appearances on The Kelly Clarkson Show, was asked about her meeting with Eminem, which was freaky for the Dusk Till Dawn actress and the rapper as well. Sharing her encounter with Marshall, the actress said, “You see, people don’t know, I don’t look like it happens to me, but I have terrible stage fright. I’m just a really good actress that I pretend it’s not happening, but I really get it very bad. I go dizzy; my mouth gets dry. So, I have a song that I put in my head that helps me get through it. Which is “Lose Yourself.” I mean, you hear that you feel like you can do anything. So I hear it in my head.”

Salma Hayek continued, “And I was going to present at the Oscars, which is really nerve-wracking, especially if you have stage fright. This one day, I was extra nervous because I hadn’t slept, I was jet-lagged, I was feeling shaky. So this one time, I’m drinking the water because my mouth immediately goes dry. So I’m walking towards it, and I’m singing “Lose Yourself” in my head. And then it’s like, it’s not syncing to something. I’m drinking the water, and then I go like, “Wait a minute. Have I lost it?!” I go to the person, “Is “Lose Yourself” playing right now?!” Because I heard it like in a stereo. He [Eminem] was not announced that he was gonna be at the Oscars. As I was ready to come out he was on stage playing “Lose Yourself”, but I didn’t know! I knew everybody who was at this Oscars, but it was a surprise.”

She continued, “I’m so nervous, I think it’s me and then all of a sudden, wait a minute? It was really scary. I was actually embarrassed to ask, I hesitated for a minute, and it was the end of it. At this moment, I’m more nervous, and he comes out exactly on the side that I’m in. And I just, I’m so nervous, I go, “I love you!! I love you!!” I spit the water on him! I drank, and I was screaming, “I love you! I love you!” And then I see he’s in shock with water all over, and I go, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry!!!” They were like, “Go, go”, and I was like, “Somebody, take a picture!!!” They took a picture, and then I left.”

Salma Hayek further added, “I felt so humiliated. I still had to go and do it, and the next day I went home, and I said,” Oh my God, my hero thinks I’m a freak”. And the next morning, they asked him because it was a big deal, it was a surprise, “Did you enjoy going this time?” And he said something like, ‘Oh, I really enjoyed it because I got to meet Salma Hayek!’”

Salma back in 2020 posted the iconic moment on her Instagram in which she could be seen holding Eminem’s gold necklace with a surprised look on his face.

Here take a look at the picture below:


The video clip where Salma is sharing the incident on The Kelly Clarkson Show was shared by the page MainlyEminem and here is the clip; check it out:

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