8 YEARS LOOKING BACK–Let’s take a look at Justin Bieber’s ‘overwhelming’ moments at his world tour | HO

8 YEARS LOOKING BACK–Let’s take a look at Justin Bieber’s ‘overwhelming’ moments at his world tour

Justin Bieber and his ‘Purpose’ tour, when stopping in Los Angeles on March 20, 2016, left unforgettable moments for fans here.

The Purpose World Tour at the recent stop in Los Angeles can be called a homecoming trip when it has been nearly 4 months since Justin Bieber last set foot on a stage here. Therefore, this concert brought a lot of emotions to the audience as well as more wonderful moments than previous concerts at other locations.

In the opening performance, Justin appeared in a transparent glass cage that was gradually raised from under the stage, performing the song Mark My Words, looking like he was vowing something to his audience. It’s hard to see the image of Justin Bieber being so serious.


Bieber personally wrote the words ‘Mark My Words’ on the glass


In addition, it is easy to see that Justin’s general fashion style on this tour is a comfortable, simple, somewhat frumpy street style, with a bit of a vintage 80s style with T-shirt, long jean jacket, torn pants, checkered shirt and hair that couldn’t be more messy.


A special feature in L.A this time is Marilyn Manson’s T-shirt with the words “Bigger Than Satan” and “Bieber” on the back, which has made fans crazy hunting for the past few days. However, it is known that this shirt was designed specifically for Justin so it is not for sale.



He doesn’t usually talk too much when performing, but on the Staples theater stage with so many emotions, male singer Baby had to confess: “I’ve been so broken… and so hurt in my life… be real.” … slip up… truly about finding our purpose” (I have been hurt and have so much pain in my life. Stay true to yourself. Then stumble. That is how we find our purpose in life. me)


He lay down on the stage, comfortably shaking hands and chatting with fans


Bieber mang Big Sean và Chance the Rapper lên sân khấu trình diễn với hai ca khúc No Pressure và Confident. Hai khách mời đặc biệt này cũng không hề kém cạnh khi làm nóng hết cỡ bầu không khí bên trong sân khấu Staples. Confident không phải là ca khúc cũ duy nhất được trình diễn trong concert, dù chủ đạo vẫn là những bài hát trong album Purpose nhưng Justin vẫn sẵn sàng chiều fan hết cỡ khi mang lại những siêu hit đã làm nên tên tuổi của anh ngày xưa như: Baby, Boyfriend, As Long As You Love Me,…
The ‘Love Yourself’ star was so excited that he… ‘stole’ his colleague’s drum and played a drum solo that made fans howl non-stop.
Ôm guitar và trình diễn loạt hit: 'Love Yourself', 'Home to Mama', 'Insecurities'.

Grab your guitar and perform a series of hits: ‘Love Yourself’, ‘Home to Mama’, ‘Insecurities’

It’s still the end of a quite familiar show with ‘Sorry’ drenched in the rain
His colleagues juggled him after a successful performance

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