Breaking News: Does Taylor Swift Deserves All The Critics And Hates She’s Getting This Days?… even if the truth came out..

The Critics And Hates She’s

I don’t think her reputation is destroyed. That seems a bit dramatic. I think fans were disappointed. Hopefully that made fans realize she can be a great musician, but also someone that willingly makes poor choices. So maybe don’t put celebrities on pedestals because we really don’t know them in real life.

A destroyed reputation would mean fans were selling their tickets for her shows and attendance would be declining. However, it’s the opposite. Each show is still sold out and tickets online are still going for big $$. Even the 1975 hasn’t suffered any repercussions because of what he said. They’re on tour and from what I saw on social media, playing huge sold out crowds as well.

It reminds me of the Lea Michele situation. Everyone online was like she’s done. She’s canceled. Screw her, she’ll never work again. Then she did a tour during that time and the tickets sold out in minutes. I went to the show and our local News was there trying to interview attendees to find out their feelings on what she’d said and done on Glee. Person after person was asked by the reporter trying to get something for her story and person after person was answering with “I have no idea what you’re talking about” or “I haven’t heard anything.”


The online crowds are loud and passionate, but they aren’t usually the bulk of the masses when it comes to most celebs.

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