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Ryan Reynolds has become one of the most popular and bankable actors in Hollywood over the last decade thanks to his starring roles in blockbuster films like Deadpool, Free Guy, and Red Notice.

He is known not only for his sharp wit and charm on screen, but also for his professionalism and dedication to each film project he takes on.

Over the years, Reynolds has worked with his fair share of renowned directors who have helped bring his performances to life. Here are 5 directors that Ryan Reynolds loves working with the most:

Shawn Levy
One of Reynolds’ newest creative partnerships that shows immense promise is with director Shawn Levy. Though they have only worked together once so far on the 2022 sci-fi comedy Free Guy, the film was a smash hit grossing over $331 million worldwide. It starred Reynolds as a bank teller who realizes he is a background character in a violent open world video game.

In multiple interviews about Free Guy, Reynolds spoke about the incredible collaborative relationship he forged with Levy. According to Reynolds, “I loved making Free Guy with Shawn. I can count the directors I’ve worked with that I consider friends on one hand and Shawn is one of them. We just have an ease together that makes going to set each day, even when there are problems to solve, an absolute joy.”

Reynolds and Levy got along so well that they have already committed to partner up on several other projects. These include a Free Guy sequel and a time travel film called Our Name is Adam. Their natural chemistry and synergy resulted in one of Reynolds’ most fresh and well-received films in years. And it is clear there is still much they intend to accomplish together.

Tim Miller
Another one of Reynolds’ closest director relationships in Hollywood has been with Tim Miller. When Miller was attached to direct the first Deadpool film in 2016, it came at the perfect time to unite his astute visual filmmaking with Reynolds’ witty acting talents. The result was one of the most successful and beloved R-rated comic book movies ever made, silencing naysayers and launching a lucrative franchise.

Reynolds had been passionate about getting a Deadpool film made for over a decade and Miller proved to be the perfect partner to make it happen. Reynolds has often stated the initial success of Deadpool was thanks largely to Miller’s fearless direction, grounded character development, and action-packed sequencing that stayed true to the spirit of the comics.

Though Tim Miller did not return to direct the sequel Deadpool 2 due to creative differences, Reynolds has asserted that he would absolutely work with Miller again based on their camaraderie making the first film. Their shared vision of showcasing Deadpool’s meta and irreverent humor resonated perfectly with audiences. And it still stands as one of Reynolds’ most iconic and career-defining roles.

Adam Berg
In 2010, Reynolds collaborated with Swedish director Adam Berg for the first time on an action film called Buried. The entire 95-minute film takes place with Reynolds locked inside a small wooden coffin buried underground. So there are no other actors on screen and the camera rarely leaves Reynolds’ face.

This kind of filmmaking experiment required an enormous amount of trust between actor and director. Reynolds has explained that the daily shooting schedule involved lying on his back in the claustrophobic box for up to 20 hours. Thankfully, he and Berg formed an immediate connection from their first conversations.

In an interview about Buried, Reynolds said “I was relieved to find that Adam Berg was not only an incredibly skilled filmmaker, but also a genuinely nice guy with a warm heart. We were able to have long talks about character development and story beats. Then I would climb into that box each day knowing Adam had my back completely.”


Though Buried had a relatively small budget and mainstream impact, Reynolds still considers his experience with Berg a career highlight. Their partnership was a big reason Reynolds was able to give such a powerhouse one-man performance for the duration of the film.

David Leitch
When Tim Miller stepped away from directing the Deadpool sequel, Reynolds turned to David Leitch as his next choice to take the franchise reins. And Leitch proved to be up to the task and then some. He co-directed the mega blockbuster action flick Deadpool 2 starring Reynolds which earned over $785 million.

On working with Leitch, Reynolds said “David brought this vibrant energy and vision to the set each day that got everyone jazzed up. And he just has a mastery of navigating complex action sequences and stuntwork that I learned a ton from. I really appreciated how David collaborated with me on deepening Deadpool’s character while also expanding the scope and action compared to the first movie.”

Reynolds clearly meshed well with Leitch’s directorial style as fans and critics widely praised their take on the Merc with a Mouth in Deadpool 2. Leitch focused on highlighting Reynolds’ acting gifts through Deadpool’s emotional arc in the film, especially his relationship with the mutant Firefist portrayed by Julian Dennison.

Due to their congenial work experience and the financial success of Deadpool 2, Leitch remains one of Reynolds’ very favorite directors he’s teamed up with over his career.

Martin Campbell
Finally, the first director to guide Reynolds towards mega stardom was Martin Campbell on the first Green Lantern film in 2011. Although the film itself is not remembered all that fondly, Reynolds speaks glowingly about Campbell’s direction and mentorship on set.

Reynolds has said “Working with Martin Campbell on my first ever superhero movie was an invaluable learning experience. He really took me under his wing in terms of how to perform in front of green screens and use my imagination to react to CGI elements that aren’t there. I’ll always be grateful to Martin for his patience and leadership.”

In fact, Reynolds remains proud of his performance as Hal Jordan in Green Lantern, even if the script and special effects let them down. He says that Campbell enabled him to bring charm and charisma to the role of an ace pilot who becomes part of an intergalactic peacekeeping organization. The film laid the acting foundation for Reynolds to take on future superhero roles like Deadpool with such confidence and bravado.

Though the Green Lantern franchise did not take off, Reynolds still considers director Martin Campbell an integral mentor that guided him through new technical filmmaking techniques necessary to lead a major comic book film. Their positive experience together empowered Reynolds moving forward in his career.


From comedy to drama to action and superhero films, Ryan Reynolds has shown impressive range as a versatile leading man over the past 20 years. And he attributes much of his success to building strong working relationships with directors like Shawn Levy, Tim Miller, Adam Berg, David Leitch, and Martin Campbell.

Their guidance has pushed Reynolds’ acting abilities to new heights and helped bring his characters to life in compelling ways on screen. Reynolds’ mix of comedic timing, charm, intensity, and physicality may make him appear a natural. But it is through trusting collaboration with these directors that he has been able to thrive as one of Hollywood’s most in-demand talents. And with Reynolds and Levy already planning multiple new film ventures together, fans can look forward to even more dynamic pairings between Reynolds and top-tier directors for years to come.

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