REPORT: Taylor Swift Reveals Her Thoughts On Travis Kelce’s ‘Dad Bod’ After Their Swimsuit Photos Had The Entire Internet Buzzing

Travis Kelce, tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs and Taylor Swift’s boyfriend, is just the latest celebrity to face body shaming from social media after the couple was spotted on vacation in the Bahamas, with photos of the pair at a beach going viral.

Unfortunately, many online were quick to comment on Travis Kelce’s body as he could be seen embracing Taylor Swift in and out of the water. The most commented statement was the mention of his ‘dad bod.’

“Dad bod” typically refers to a man with a slim physique that is not lean or toned and there is a bit of a beer belly.

Well, what does Taylor Swift think about it? According to a new report, Travis Kelce’s body is perfectly fine to her.

“When it comes to Taylor’s thoughts on his changing body – she loves it,” an insider told Daily Mail. “Travis and his dad bod is the reward he is giving himself for having an epic Super Bowl winning season, and during his offseason – since he has been able to party and spend some quality time with Taylor – he isn’t training the way that he usually does as he is resting.”

The 34-year-old Kansas City Chiefs star appeared on the latest edition of the “New Heights” podcast with his brother, Jason Kelce, and said that since he is retired, the two are in the “same weight class now.” Clearly, the body shaming tactics by social media do not bother him at all.

Travis Kelce is listed on the NFL website at 250 pounds and since he is one of the best tight ends in NFL history, we are pretty sure he will be able to do what he wants right now and get back into shape for the NFL season.

Travis Kelce Kicked Off Taylor Swift Engagement and Baby Rumors Over The offseason

(Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)
Travis Kelce should know by now that Swifties are hanging on to every word he says that has something to do or may have something to do with Taylor Swift.

On the March 20 episode of Jason and Travis Kelce’s New Heights podcast, the brothers comically compared NBA player Victor Wembanyama to a lab-grown diamond. Despite it being an innocent joke, after Jason said that lab-grown humans aren’t too far off from a lab-grown diamond, Travis took it to another level, saying “Can’t wait ‘til I f–kin’ make one.”

Swifties were quick to pick up on this comment and declared that he wanted to have a baby with Taylor Swift.

As far as engagement goes, Kelce addressed the speculation that he and Taylor were planning on getting engaged thanks to a reporter asking him about it during a pre-Super Bowl press conference.

“Is there going to be another ring besides the Super Bowl ring if you win this thing on Sunday?” Travis’s response? “I’m focused on getting this ring, and that’s all that my mind’s focused on right now.”

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