Ryan Reynolds shares the secret to achieving a muscular physique for portraying Deadpool.

In the tight-fitting costume, every contour of Deadpool’s muscles is proudly displayed, leaving fans in awe. Without rigorous training, Ryan Reynolds would find it challenging to fully embody this humorous character.

After a long wait, fans were finally treated to the thrilling scenes of “Deadpool 2.” Besides the acrobatics and intense fight sequences of the mercenary, what leaves a lasting impression on audiences after watching the film is his appealing physique.



Despite his disfigured appearance, he doesn’t neglect his physique. In the tight-fitting costume, every contour of his muscles is proudly displayed, leaving fans in awe.

To achieve that, Ryan Reynolds – the actor who portrays Deadpool, had to undergo a rigorous training regime. From diet to exercise, lifestyle adjustments, Reynolds adhered to specific principles tailored to his body’s needs. As a result, when the film was released, audiences not only admired his remarkable acting skills but also enthusiastically discussed his impressive physique.


Previously, Ryan Reynolds paid little attention to his nutrition and often consumed unhealthy foods. It wasn’t until he took on the lead role in the movie “Blade Trinity” that he started to become conscious of his physique. From then on, Ryan completely revamped his diet and nutrition regimen to achieve his goal of a perfect body. He now consumes 3200 calories per day and follows a strict routine of exercise six days a week.


Every day, he eats multiple small meals to avoid feeling overly full or hungry and drinks plenty of water. In addition to the diet provided by his professional trainer, he also incorporates some other foods to support the muscle-building process and fat loss.

For example, Ryan often supplements his meals with milk. Because besides being a source of protein, calcium is also an essential nutrient to promote muscle building and effectively “melt” belly fat. Calcium in milk is also a component that helps strengthen bones, providing extra energy for heavy exercises. More importantly, it is thanks to calcium that he avoids injuries to his wrists, shoulders, and more.

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One secret in Ryan’s diet regimen is his habit of consuming coffee before each workout to enhance performance. Coffee is known to effectively reduce pain and muscle fatigue. However, he emphasizes moderation, limiting himself to just one small cup before a 45-minute workout.

Regarding lifestyle habits, Ryan prioritizes sleep above all else. He ensures deep and sufficient sleep of 7-8 hours every day. Too much sleep can lead to fat accumulation, while too little sleep causes fatigue and lack of energy.

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It’s evident that Ryan’s focus extends beyond just his diet, incorporating healthy lifestyle habits as well. After much effort, he managed to gain 25 pounds of muscle. As a result, Deadpool’s physique becomes increasingly refined, with every muscle more defined.

Ryan Reynolds’ Workout Method

Ryan believes that exercise is not just about looking good but also about achieving overall health and fitness. Therefore, he often dedicates time to full-body movements before engaging in specific exercises. This helps the body gradually adapt to more challenging and intense demands.


Specialized exercises such as deadlifts and squats, known for their muscle-building benefits, are favored choices by Ryan’s trainer. However, they avoid fixating on just these two exercises to prevent monotony. A workout plan spanning five days a week is carefully crafted, incorporating a variety of exercises to cater to the body’s needs and conditions.

Special attention is given to leg exercises like lunges, step-ups, and leg presses, as well as arm exercises such as nosebreakers, tricep dips, and rope pushdowns. These exercises are alternated throughout the week. Additionally, focus is placed on working out the shoulders, chest, back, and other muscle groups to ensure overall body development.


Instead of confining himself to the gym, Ryan prioritizes outdoor activities. “I enjoy being outdoors, surrounded by forests near where I live, where I can hike, bike, or mountain climb… as long as it involves movement,” he shares. He advocates for engaging in outdoor sports and activities rather than solely focusing on strenuous gym workouts. According to him, regular participation in outdoor activities is a more effective and enjoyable way to exercise.

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