Cowboys’ Micah Parsons demands respect for Dak Prescott asserting he has ‘unbelievable’ confidence in his QB

Dak Prescott has earned a lot of respect from his LB, Micah Parsons.

The Philadelphia Eagles vs. the Dallas Cowboys game was a thrilling encounter where the Cowboys lost 28-23 this Sunday. It was a close encounter with both teams having enough opportunities to seal the game in favor of them. However; it was the Eagles who had the game to their side.

If one would regret the result in the truest sense, then it was Dak Prescott. He performed well, led his team to have a comeback on multiple occasions, and appeared to lead them on more. Prescott suffered from his hard luck as two of his heroics (one touchdown and one two-point game) were ruled out later. Things would have gone the other way if those decisions had not gone against the Cowboys.

Considering all these factors, Micah Parsons, the linebacker for the Cowboys, urged everyone to have more respect for his quarterback. Parsons has been a strong supporter and admirer of his QB. He has always stood in favor of Prescott despite the outcomes. This time, it was no exception. In the post-match presentation, Parsons said that Dak had a brilliant game and outplayed everyone.

Dak’s a freaking warrior. There were multiple times I was like, ‘That’s Dak Motherf–king Prescott, bro.’ He’s a dog. He’s a warrior. I got an unbelievable amount of confidence in him… I think people need to put more respect on him. He outplayed everyone today.

On paper, Prescott did outplay Jalen Hurts in the game. The Cowboys had a clean game with 374 yards of passing with the completion of 29 of his 44 passes and three touchdowns. On the other hand, Hurts completed 207 yards of passing with two touchdowns. The Eagles had a more successful completion rate than Prescott.

The Dallas Cowboys are feeling confident even after the loss against the Eagles

The Cowboys camp is not losing hope even after this loss against the Eagles. Instead, they are more confident than earlier. At least, Parsons and Prescott believe so.

Dak Prescott

Dak Prescott (Via Smiley N. Pool / Staff Photographer)
In the post-match presentation, Prescott said that they were doing things right and they would find the right things. Parsons also reiterated nearly the same in the media session.

We’ve got even more confidence now. I feel like everybody had us out and everybody was praising this Eagles team. Obviously, we gave them their best fit. I’m not even gonna spit fuel in the fire. We’ll see them again in four weeks.

Parsons in the post-match presentation. 

The Cowboys would strive to get back on track against the New York Giants in the next game.

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