Dak Prescott’s brother is “done with drama and the fans” of the Dallas Cowboys and wants QB out of the organization

Dak Prescott has been receiving a lot of hate following the Cowboys’ loss to the Packers in the Wild Card Round. 

The Dallas Cowboys organization are known to have one of the more notorious fanbases that are loyal to the players after a great game and not the most pleasant bunch to be around after they lose games. Following the team’s loss in the Wild Card Round to the Green Bay Packers, it appears fans of the team have begun to turn on Dak Prescott. His brother revealed this via a tweet on X (formerly known as Twitter).

Tad Prescott has been receiving a lot of direct messages from enraged fans of the Dallas Cowboys telling him to convince his brother to leave the team and move on. Well, the fans might have thought they were doing something and trying to bring him down, but turns out, Tad has been attempting to convince his brother about the same.


If I could get dak to leave Dallas I would. I too want him out of Dallas.

Tad Prescott via X

The primary reason for this is because of the drama and the select part of fans who turn against the quarterback after every bad game. Every team has those type of fans, they are inevitable. After a loss, they just forget that at the end of the day, it was just a game.

Dak Prescott does not want to leave the Dallas Cowboys unless he wins a Super Bowl with the team

These fans get outraged to the point where they begin to go out of their way to harass the members of the player’s family and say hurtful things. The same is the case with Dak Prescott and his family at this moment. He had a bad first half against the Packers when he threw for 2 interceptions, but eventually, he did get himself together and finished the game with 400+ yards and 3 touchdowns.

Dak Prescott

Dak Prescott (Via Imago)
Tad’s request to his brother has fallen on deaf ears because the quarterback is firm about one thing. He loves the Dallas Cowboys and does not want to leave this team without having won multiple championships for America’s team. It has been nearly three decades since the Cowboys made the Super Bowl and won a ring.

The offseason will be a crucial one for Prescott. He had an MVP-caliber season in the regular season and he is expected to negotiate the terms of his contract and get a significant long-term extension from the team with at least $45 to $50 million base salary per year as per sources.

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