Daylyt blames Eminem for mumble rap rise

About 3 months ago, during one of the episodes of Last Second Sea, one of the best battle rappers Daylyt gave one of the weirdest compliment to Eminem I’ve ever heard.


While reacting to one of the Loaded Lux’s bars during the battle against Hollow Da Don, Daylyt said: “This is better than all of y’all careers, everyone. Everybody that has battled in the past XYZ amount of years why y’all try to do this?”

He continued: “I remember I was talking to somebody about when Eminem first popped up in rap. And Eminem is the reason mumble rap exists. Eminem rapped that a level of so high that everybody just gave up. It was like ‘you know what? we will never get there. Let’s just go backwards. And that’s what happens to battle rap. This is the highest level, why n-ggas don’t try to be better than this. N-ggas just go like ‘you know what? I’mma just go that way. This is crazy man.”

Daylyt has established himself as an innovative and key figure in both the music and creative industries over the years. He applies his unique style and personality to everything he does and in the process leaves audiences in astonishment, always wanting to know what he’ll do next and how he’ll do it.

Channeling his energy towards art has been massively important for Daylyt. After growing up in a tough area of Los Angeles he felt it was important to surround himself with a loyal team of people who all share the fundamental values of commitment and professionalism in order to achieve a common goal. This creative and professional outlook has led to an impressive photography career, with his remarkable work encompassing a new era we are entering of freedom, empowerment, sexuality and most importantly, artistic expression, using professional, prominent fashion looks…Check out the interview below:

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