Emmanuel Acho labels the Cowboys as the ‘most complete team in football’ over the Chiefs and the Eagles

The Dallas Cowboys won consecutive games against the Chargers and the Rams since losing to the 49ers.

The Dallas Cowboys have shown strong resonance after the tough loss 10-42 loss against the San Francisco 49ers. They won back-to-back games against the Los Angeles Chargers and the Los Angeles Rams. Their last win came against the Rams by a margin of 43-20. The victory led analysts to applaud the Cowboys after the game.

Emmanuel Acho hailed the Cowboys after their groundbreaking performance against the Rams and the Chargers. In the popular TV show Speak on FS1, the former player and present-day analyst said that he has not seen any team more complete than the Cowboys.

He clarified that isn’t stating that the Cowboys are the best team in the NFL nor does he think they are the hottest. He added that neither does he think that the Dak Prescott-led team is the most consistent or the most explosive. But he surely believes that they are the ‘most complete’ team in the league.

The Cowboys are the most complete team in football. Hear me out, I use the word ‘complete’ intentionally. I do not think the Cowboys are the ‘best’ team in football, that belongs to the Chiefs. I don’t think the Cowboys are the ‘hottest’ team in football, that’s the Jags who have won five straight. I don’t think the Cowboys are the most ‘explosive’ team in football, that’s the Dolphins. I don’t think the Cowboys are the most ‘consistent’ team in football, that’s the Eagles. But if you talk about ‘most complete’ it’s gotta be the Dallas Cowboys.

Emmanuel Acho on Speak

Cowboys defense will face a mighty challenge as they face the ‘consistent’ Jalen Hurts

The Dallas Cowboys will face the Philadelphia Eagles in the next game and this may well be the most difficult game for the Cowboys this season. The Eagles are currently the most consistent team in the league. They won seven games and had a shocking loss against the New York Jets. Jalen Hurts is on fire as he is destroying opponents in his style.

Jalen Hurts (via The Pople)
In his eight matches for the Eagles, the player has covered 2,148 yards of passing with 13 touchdowns and eight interceptions. His famous ‘Tush Push’ play is winning the hearts of the NFL crowd and providing a threat to the opponents. He was phenomenal last season and led his team to the Super Bowl. Despite playing well in the game, he was unlucky not to win the Lombardi trophy.

The Cowboys’ defense will be a litmus test for the Dallas defense against the Eagles. The defense performed well in the games that the team won. On three occasions, the team restricted their opponents to 10 or less than ten points. However, they choked against the 49ers as they gave away 42 points.

The Eagles will provide a tough challenge to the defense and especially to the linebacker Micah Parsons who has been the most consistent for the Cowboys. Micah has had a brilliant season so far. The LB registered 22 combined tackles (13 SOLO and nine assisted). It will be an encounter between him and Jalen Hurts. Hurts, this season has a high number of interceptions and Micah will keep that in mind. Ahead of the clash, Acho hailed the Cowboys’ defense.

Think about it defensively. How many teams have held opponents to three points or fewer twice this season? It’s only the Cowboys and the Browns. So how many teams have both scored 40+ multiple times and held their opponent to three or less points multiple?

It is almost certain that the winner of this electrifying encounter will lead the charge for the NFC East division. With the 49ers struggling since the last three games, these two teams are also the best contenders for the NFC participation in the Super Bowl.

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