Ex-Broncos CB Domonique Foxworth claims Cowboys’ Dak Prescott is currently the ‘best’ QB in the NFL

The analyst blames his O-line for his struggles this season and believes Dak is playing at a very high level.

The Dallas Cowboys have taken their fans on a rollercoaster ride so far this season. The team obliterated the New York Giants on Monday Night as they beat them 49-17. They manage to play like the best team in the NFL when they go up against sub-par teams but when they are pitted against the best teams in the NFL, they choke.

Dak Prescott usually comes up short in clutch games but despite this troubling pattern, Domonique Foxworth is still convinced that he is the best QB in the NFL. He said:

He’s the best quarterback in the NFL. Since that 49ers loss, he’s the best statistically.

The analyst makes an argument for Dak Prescott being the best and believes if one looks at his advanced metrics, the numbers do speak for themselves.

Foxworth went on to add:

If you watch the games, you’ll also notice, he’s not getting great protection. He’s balling with the offensive line collapsing, he’s not getting a running game as great as we thought Tony Pollard was, that running game does not exist.

Dak Prescott has thrown for above 300 yards in his last three games

The analyst believes the reason for Dak Prescott not performing in clutch moments is not that he chokes or is not good enough. But his offensive line is not the best and due to this, he does not have enough time to get rid of the ball. The Cowboys run game has not been as expected either this season and this has just added more pressure on Dak Prescott.

Dak Prescott

Dak Prescott has lived up to his true potential this season (via Twitter)
Foxworth credits CeeDee Lamb for stepping up this season and living up to his true potential. In the last 3 games, Lamb has really proven himself to be one of the best receivers in the NFL. The analyst concludes by stating that Prescott is making things a lot more easier for those around him:

Dak, I think is making everything much easier for everyone around him including the coaches.

In the last three games, Dak Prescott has thrown for 300+ yards and the Cowboys have won two out of three games. Their run game has been weak this season with Tony Pollard having just one game where he has rushed above 100 yards. The Cowboys can win their next 3 games with relative ease as they face a struggling Carolina, Washington, and Seattle.

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