Katt Williams Leaks Footage To Expose Beyonce As Hollywood’s Biggest H@ndler (VIDEO)

Beyoncé’s career has been a subject of controversy lately, with comedian Katt Williams stirring the pot by accusing her of exploiting others for her success.

Williams suggests that the music industry operates on orchestrated moves, citing examples like Janet Jackson’s Super Bowl incident and Justin Timberlake’s career boost afterward. He implies that Beyoncé may have benefited from similar situations.

Furthermore, Williams implies that Beyoncé may have taken credit for songs she didn’t write, echoing claims made by Tiffany Red about songwriting credits and publishing rights.

This adds to a growing narrative that questions Beyoncé’s integrity in the industry.

The controversy extends to Beyoncé’s treatment of artists signed to her label, Parkwood Entertainment.

Chloe Bailey’s debut album under Parkwood received criticism for lack of promotion, leading some to speculate that Beyoncé might have intentionally held her back to prevent her from overshadowing her mentor. Similarly, Azealia Banks has accused Beyoncé of sabotaging black artists and stealing songs.

Overall, these allegations raise questions about Beyoncé’s ethical practices and the true nature of her success in the music industry. While some defend her, others are beginning to see cracks in her carefully crafted image.

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