Nick Wright wants the Cowboys to trade Dak Prescott this off-season for draft picks after yet another horrific playoff outing

Prescott continues to face heat by the media after the embarrassing wild-card game loss. 

After the blowout loss against the Green Bay Packers, the Dallas Cowboys are facing the heat by their fans. Multiple demands are being made for the Cowboys’ management to fire their quarterback, Dak Prescott.

The quarterback was subjected to many ‘get him off’ slogans after the Cowboys suffered an embarrassing defeat against the Packers. The fans were frustrated and later the analysts also joined the party. The latest on the bandwagon is Nick Wright, who claimed that the Cowboys need to trade their QB.


I do not believe after this postseason performance once again, that Dak Prescott is enough to carry a team at 60 million a year for the rest of his prime.

I would not want to tie the next half decade of my franchise at that salary to this guy, even though I thought he was the MVP for large portions of the year.

Wright via First Things First

The quarterback had a poor game against the Packers as he was subjected to two interceptions in the first half. One of his interceptions turned to a pick-six and added agony to his team’s fate. The QB later tried to compensate for things as he threw three touchdowns. But it was too late for the team as the Packers emerged victorious.

Prescott indeed had one of the finest regular seasons of his NFL career. He had 36 passing touchdowns (highest this season). His interceptions and turnover rates were drastically decreased.

Ahead of the 2023 season, Prescott announced that he would not be intercepted more than ten times. In the regular season, he kept his promise, as he was only intercepted nine times. Nonetheless, Nick Wright believed that performing in the postseason is more important than in the regular season.

Mike McCarthy remains in his job as the Cowboys Head Coach

Apart from Dak Prescott, Mike McCarthy was also subjected to get-off slogans after the blowout loss against the Packers. Speculations rose that Jerry Jones could sack him. However, Jones did the exact opposite thing as the veteran retained him for the next season.

Jerry Jones and Mike McCarthy

Jerry Jones and Mike McCarthy (via FOX/ Sports Illustrated)
I believe this team is very close and capable of achieving our ultimate goals and the best step forward for us will be with Mike McCarthy as our head coach. There is great benefit to continuing the team’s progress under Mike’s leadership as our head coach.
Jerry Jones

The decision of Jones was subjected to several criticisms as the multiple analysts thrashed the veteran owner. Skip Bayless, an ardent Cowboys fan, was shocked and expressed his agony on social media.

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