Travis Kelce is said to have spent $204 million since dating Taylor Swift, equivalent to 1/5 of his current wealth.

Kansas City Chiefs football player Travis Kelce is currently experiencing a “dreamy” time with his relationship with singer Taylor Swift. Recently, the couple enjoyed a private vacation in the Bahamas, right after Taylor concluded her Eras Tour in Singapore.

Prior to this, Kelce also traveled to Southeast Asia to accompany his girlfriend. According to sources from The New York Post, the 34-year-old athlete may have spent up to $570,000 on this trip.

Since officially dating around September last year, Kelce has reportedly spent approximately $8.23 million in relationship expenses, which equates to about 1/5 of his estimated $40 million net worth. This means that the Super Bowl champion has potentially used up 1/5 of his wealth within just six months of dating the wealthy singer Taylor Swift.

CNBC reported that Kelce earned about $11 million in salary in 2023. However, it appears that a significant portion of this income has been spent on his relationship.

Here’s a breakdown of Kelce’s dating expenses, as reported by the New York Post:

Real Estate: $6 million

After dating Taylor Swift, Kelce reportedly felt that his purchased condo for $995,000 in 2019 was no longer suitable. Therefore, the football star decided to spend $6 million on a larger property spanning over 1,500 square meters in Leawood. Leawood is known as one of the highest standard of living towns in America, offering residents high privacy and security—perfect for Kelce’s relationship with Taylor.

Traveling to see performances: $1.2 million

American media estimated that Kelce spent around $1.2 million on global flights to attend his girlfriend’s concerts. In November 2023, Page Six reported that Kelce took a private jet from Switzerland to Argentina to watch Taylor’s performance, then immediately flew back to make it to practice the following Monday. According to aviation expert Michael Giordano at Cirrus Aviation Services, such flights can cost around $300,000.

In February this year, Kelce rushed from the US to Australia to continue supporting his girlfriend. This flight was estimated to cost around $340,000.

Most recently, Kelce flew straight to Singapore to meet Taylor after attending his brother’s farewell match. Giordano estimated that this flight could have cost Kelce around $570,000.

Gifts: At least $22,000

Since dating Taylor, Kelce has not forgotten to give gifts to his girlfriend in hopes of a lasting relationship. He reportedly spent over $2,000 on an “eternal” rose bouquet. Additionally, he spent over $3,000 on a bouquet of gold-plated flowers.

Kelce’s list of gifts goes on, including a Dior hat priced at over $1,000, a Bottega Veneta bag over $5,000, a Hermes scarf for $1,300, and another Celine hat for over $1,100.

People magazine reported that Kelce also purchased a diamond-studded necklace engraved with the initials “TNT” (symbolizing Travis and Taylor), costing him an additional $6,300.

However, it’s believed that Kelce’s gift expenses for his girlfriend could be much higher, as many items have not been accounted for.

Super Bowl expenses

During the Super Bowl in February, Kelce went all out by inviting Taylor along with 4 other people to watch the game. The New York Post estimated that he spent $1 million for this occasion.

On a podcast show, Kelce admitted that he had spent significantly on guests during the Super Bowl. Nonetheless, Kelce probably doesn’t regret this expense considering that Kansas City won in the end.

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce were reported to have started dating around August or September last year. The couple is not shy about showing their affection publicly. Despite Taylor’s busy touring schedule, she regularly attends her boyfriend’s games.

During the Super Bowl last month, she was overjoyed when Kansas City, her boyfriend’s team, won with a score of 25-22. There are even rumors that Travis is preparing to propose to Taylor. However, neither party has commented on the prospect of living together at this point.


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