When Conor McGregor and Ronda Rousey went head-to-head during intense face-off

Conor McGregor and Ronda Rousey once went head-to-head during an epic face-off for a commercial shoot.

McGregor staring down Rousey is an image many MMA fans could only dream of. But fans were able to witness an intense face-off in the Bud Light Team Challenge.

Bud Light brought the pair of former UFC champions for a media opportunity and they didn’t disappoint.

McGregor and Rousey intensely walked towards each other before facing off. She then broke eye contact in a hilarious moment before they embraced.

McGregor claimed he’d be tossed on his head in ‘one second flat’ if Rousey ever got her hands on him.

“I swear on my life her back muscles were the most solidest back muscles I’d ever felt in my life,” he revealed. “I thought if this lady was to get a hold of me, she would throw me on my head in literally one second flat.

“So, I would not like to engage in a clinch fight with Ronda. But make no mistake about it, I have my ways to win that fight, too.”

Rousey had one more UFC fight before retiring from MMA after her shoot with McGregor. She lost to Amanda Nunes in her final Octagon outing.

A sensational return to the UFC was rumoured, but Ariel Helwani claims she is not considering a UFC comeback.

As for McGregor, he made his triumphant return to the UFC when he destroyed Donald Cerrone following his hiatus.

But he has since lost back-to-back fights to Dustin Poirier, with a showdown against Michael Chandler mooted.

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