Fans Criticize Taylor Swift for keeping low profile at friend’s birthday party at dive bar without Travis Kelce and Public Drinking

Instead of being in a dive bar on the East Side – Taylor Swift was in a gastropub in Los Angeles.

She was seen celebrating a friend’s birthday without her American football star boyfriend Travis Kelce in attendance. The Love Story singer sat with some friends at a West Hollywood gastropub on Thursday night. She sat with about eight other people in a booth near the windows.

At the table were people of a mix of ages as Taylor sat in the far corner trying to keep a low profile. Even though she’s one of the biggest names in the world, reports claTaylor’s bodyguards were outside the restaurant instead of at the table, presumably also a part of keeping a low profile.

She spent about two hours at the establishment before leaving and one of her bodyguards came in and paid the tab on her behalf.

Her American football player boyfriend, Travis Kelce, wasn’t in attendance, but the two seem to be happy as they were spotted packing on the affection on a beach holiday recently. With football season over for the year and Taylor on break from her tour, the two are reportedly spending a lot of time together in that no one went up to her while she enjoyed her time at Barney’s Beanery.

The singer is gearing up to release her latest album in two weeks, titled The Tortured Poet’s Department. In preparation for the album’s release she released five playlists on Apple Music about the various stages of heartbreak.

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