“Finally just got hot”: Jennifer Lawrence Broke Her No S*x Rule For the First Time As She Didn’t Want Her Insecurity to Ruin Her $151 Million Movie

After rising to prominence following the success of The Hunger Games franchise, Jennifer Lawrence mostly avoided provocative roles, following her insecurities about her body. As a result, she had a hard time filming her first on-screen s-x scene with Chris Pratt for Passengers and things worsened for the actress after her n*des leaked in 2014, leaving her in a traumatic state.

However, Lawrence no longer has any problem going n*ked in front of the camera if the script demands, as she did overcome her insecurities, thanks to 2018’s Red Sparrow.

Jennifer Lawrence drunk on Red Sparrow red carpetJennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence Didn’t Let Her Insecurities Disrupt Her Work

Playing the role of Dominika Egorova, a Ballerina who gets recruited by Russian Intelligence, where she is forced to use her body as a weapon, Red Sparrow isn’t afraid to showcase graphic violence and n*dity. Following her love for the character she was playing, Jennifer Lawrence didn’t want to jeopardize the story due to her insecurities and decided to break the ice by going full n*de. Speaking with Ellen DeGeneres, who brought up Lawrence’s previous comments that insisted she would never go n*ked in a movie, the actress joked, “I think I finally just got hot.” She further added,

“To me, it was really just an amazing script and story. I loved the character and I just didn’t want to miss out on it because of like my weird insecurities so I did it and it was really lovely.”
Her experience in Red Sparrow helped the actress overcome her insecurities, and since her days in the Francis Lawrence-led film, Lawrence hasn’t looked back.

Jennifer Lawrence | Red Sparrow Jennifer Lawrence | Red Sparrow

Jennifer Lawrence Made Her Crewmates Uncomfortable

While going off completely n*de was initially a big challenge, things went smoothly, thanks to her crewmates’ kindness. Considering the No Hard Feelings Star was familiar with most of the crew members since her days in The Hunger Games movies, Lawrence was no longer uncomfortable being n*ked. However, she joked that everyone else other than her soon became uncomfortable, as she became too cozy being n*de on sets, refusing to wear her robe.
“Everybody made me feel so comfortable that I probably at a certain point started making everybody else uncomfortable,” she said. “Because I’d be like, ‘I don’t want the robe. I’m hot. I’m eating.’ Everybody’s like, ‘She needs to cover up.’”

Jennifer Lawrence Jennifer Lawrence

From once being at her most vulnerable state during her first onscreen s-x scene in Passengers to being completely okay going n*ked for the film’s benefits, Lawrence has sure come a long way.

Red Sparrow is available to stream on Disney Plus.

Source: The Ellen DeGeneres Show

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