“I have just as many people who want to sleep with me”: Sharon Stone Makes a Bombshell Revelation at 65 After More Than 3 Decades of Basic Instinct

The actress, appearing on the Ladygang podcast, opened up about attraction, love and partnership

There is no doubt that Sharon Stone is one of the most beautiful actresses to have ever worked in Hollywood. The Basic Instinct alum began her career playing a string of femme fatales, becoming a beauty icon in the industry in an instant.

Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct (1992).Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct (1992)
The actress, 65, talked about how she doesn’t have any problem feeling desirable at her age, and that there are probably just as many people lining up to be with her as they did in her youth. The actress revealed on the Ladygang podcast the key to feeling the way she does, talking about what she seeks now in relationships, as opposed to what she used to look for when she was young.

Sharon Stone is pretty confident about herself

Sharon Stone In King Solomon's MinesSharon Stone
Speaking on the podcast about her options, the actress was adamant in mentioning that not much has changed since she was young, it is just how the opportunities present themselves that has been altered. She said:
“I have just as many people who want to sleep with me now as I ever did. It’s just that there isn’t that thing when you walk in the room that every guy goes, ‘Ooooh.’ … Because you’re not as easy as you were when you were young. Because you’re much more discerning as you get older.”

Stone talked about how with age, it becomes easier for her to choose who she wants to be with, while prospective suitors look away from her because she is not as “easy” anymore. The actress elaborates how this not just means easy to get with, but a bunch of other things. She said:
“You’re not as easy to dump afterwards. You’re not as easy to be a sidepiece. … It’s not that you’re not as hot — you’re hot or hotter.”
The Catwoman actress seems to have a philosophy on romance with a firm grasp on her looks and how others view her. While on the podcast, the actress also talked about what she considers when looking for a partner.

Sharon Stone thinks about holding hands before anything else

Sharon Stone

Sharon Stone
When the actress opened up about what she thinks of when she looks for a partner, Stone revealed the parameters that she runs through her mind when looking at a prospect. The actress talked about her thinking of her partner in more terms than “just want(ing) to have sex with them.” She thinks about the simple things, like holding hands before anything else, thinking about what the companionship would mean for her, beyond the physical aspect of it.

It is easy to think of actresses who are Sharon Stone’s age as has-beens or done with, but Stone displays an uncommon confidence that should perhaps be the norm rather than the exception. The actress certainly had her admirers in her prime, but who is to say that she is not in it still? Her appearance on the podcast certainly stands as a testament to her emotional maturity, but why does that have to mean that wisdom cannot be accompanied by pride?

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