Kim Kardashian criticizes North West’s ‘sad’ daughter’s treatment of her in a new TikTok from Japan

Kim Kardashian slammed for ‘sad’ treatment of daughter North West, 10, in new TikTok from Japan

KIM Kardashian has faced backlash for her controversial treatment of North while visiting Japan.

The mother-daughter duo flew east this week for a lavish trip to Tokyo.

Kim visited Japan with her daughter North and two friends
Kim visited Japan with her daughter North and two friendsCredit: TikTok / Kim Kardashian

She shared videos from their day out in Tokyo

She shared videos from their day out in TokyoCredit: TikTok / Kim Kardashian

Fans accused Kim of using her daughter for 'clout'
Fans accused Kim of using her daughter for ‘clout’Credit: TikTok / Kim Kardashian
But some fans are not pleased by the content Kim, 42, has been sharing with North, 10.

The duo took to their shared TikTok account to post a video of some of the sights they’ve seen on their travels.

In the clip, the little girl posed on the streets of Tokyo wearing oversized jean shorts, a long-sleeved orange and purple striped shirt, and booties.

She danced with face paint and colorful beads as she sang the words to her dad Kanye West’s song American Boy.

Kim also filmed her daughter’s friend lip-syncing the lyrics in front of a Japanese concession.

North then took over the camera to catch her mom skipping through the cobblestoned streets wearing cargo pants and a brown crop top.

One of the reality star’s friends sang a lyric before kicking her leg toward the camera.

The video ended with the group of four standing on the street singing the end of the song’s chorus line, “American Boy.”


But fans were not pleased by the video, one accusing Kim of “using North & Kanye for Klout.”

Others agreed with the sentiment, taking to the comments to share their own opinions on the matter.

“I don’t think she has ever had one waking (or sleeping) moment where she is not exclusively thinking about herself,” one wrote.

“Cringe,” a second put shortly while a third relented: “Ew can kim just not.”

“Mfers really use their child to stay relevant,” a fourth complained.

“That’s a grown woman…” a fifth slammed.

“Kim this is embarrassing for your life and soul,” a final ripped.


Kim and North have been sharing updates from their travels in Japan.

But the TV personality sparked concern this week by dressing her daughter in a seemingly dangerous new look.

North showed off her extra-long braids in a new clip, which dragged on the floor past her ankles, during their trip to Tokyo.

Kim shared a video of her eldest child, who was wearing a black robe, walking slowly away from the camera in a small room.

Her hair was styled in two braids with bright red extensions running through and trailing on the ground behind her.

The Skims founder remarked: “Look at these braids!”

North then jumped around and flashed peace signs at her mom, before dancing playfully up to the camera.


Critics shared their concerns that North might trip over her hair or get it caught in something.

One wrote on Reddit: “As a mom, I think about how dangerous they are and how dirty they are going to get.

“Have your fun, girlie, just stay away from escalators and elevators lol.”

Another added: “Make sure she doesn’t trip on those braids, seems dangerous.”

Others agreed with the sentiment, warning: “Don’t trip and fall now,” and: “She’s definitely gonna trip at some point.”

Yet another user wrote: “Omg just dragging on the ground. Japan is clean, but it ain’t that clean.”

Kim and North have been enjoying their lavish trip to Tokyo
Kim and North have been enjoying their lavish trip to TokyoCredit: Instagram/kimkardashian

The little girl's long braids raised concerns among fans
The little girl’s long braids raised concerns among fansCredit: Instagram

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