“They go big”: Donald Trump has Dwayne Johnson’s Support for a Potential WWE Return

“They go big”: Donald Trump has Dwayne Johnson’s Support for a Potential WWE Return

In a headline-grabbing display of support, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson effusively praised Donald Trump’s popularity amongst wrestling fans. When asked about a potential WWE comeback for the controversial former President, The Rock spotlighted the “big ovation” Trump draws in such settings, laughing uproariously at the spectacle.

The interview created a buzz around Trump resuming his classic WWE antics as the Rock glowingly endorsed Trump’s ability to work rowdy crowds into a frenzy. As Trump weighs another Presidential run, speculation is growing that he could again leverage wrestling stardom to boost his political profile.

The Rock Roars with Laughter at Potential Trump WWE Return

The Rock
The Rock

In his Fox News interview alongside WWE President Nick Khan, The Rock showed no hesitance roaring with laughter at the idea of facing Donald Trump in a WWE storyline.

But The Rock openly marveled at Trump’s ability to ignite crowds, exclaiming-

“How about that ovation he gets when he comes out!? The fans go BIG! They go big! No question.”

The Rock’s unabashed defense of Trump’s crowd appeal hints at his full endorsement of another WWE run. Given wrestling’s role in fueling Trump’s initial public standing, it’s unsurprising stars like The Rock would welcome more spectacle.

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While currently focused on Hollywood, The Rock built his fame as WWE’s most captivating talker. Perhaps he envisions Trump reprising those bombastic oratory skills.

Could Donald Trump Feud With Rock Entice Controversy-Courting Netflix?

Dwayne Johnson in Central IntelligenceDwayne Johnson in Central Intelligence
WWE President Nick Khan didn’t dismiss collaborating with Trump again, cognizant of potential fan interest tied to Trump’s rabble-rousing reputation. Khan recently inked a lucrative WWE streaming deal with Netflix, seeking edgy new content.

A marquee program pitting global titans The Rock and Donald Trump checks those boxes. Their contrasting backgrounds and personas would undoubtedly stoke passionate reactions. After boosting UFC ratings, Trump may prove ratings gold for WWE’s Netflix aspirations.

Of course, The Rock currently has no plans to return to WWE regularly himself. But his grinning endorsement of Trump’s crowd appeal hints he’d relish watching such chaos unfold from afar. And WWE likely shares that enthusiasm for the bedlam a Trump comeback could unleash.

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How Could Donald Trump Insert Himself Back Into WWE Storylines?

Donald Trump on The Tonight ShowDonald Trump on The Tonight Show
Given Trump’s history with WWE, the table seems set for re-involvement in wrestling theatrics. Trump famously faced Vince McMahon in a 2007 “Battle of the Billionaires” at WrestleMania 23. His trademark swagger and brash speaking style made Trump a natural fit for those over-the-top performances.

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Now as a Presidential candidate again, Trump could lean into that bombastic persona perfected through years of reality television and tabloids. Integrating political grandstanding into WWE’s fictional narratives has massive shock value and viral potential. And The Rock’s ecstatic reaction hints the People’s Champion would be sports entertained by Trump restarting arena-shaking chaos.

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