Watch adorable clip of Jason kelce daughter acting just like her as she sports on Eagles gear….her Passion for football is Intense and cr**y, Jason might have found a perfect Successor

WATCH: Jason Kelce found a perfect replacement after his retirement from Philadelphia Eagles, Kelce Multi-Talented 4 year daughter Wyatt practicing her starts like dad ” got fans talking” She's Awesome

The Philadelphia Eagles could have their replacement center lined up if Jason Kelce decides to retire.

Kelce’s four-year-old daughter, Wyatt, is going viral on Twitter/X for not only being insanely adorable, but also for her football training skills.

With the 2024 NFL Combine going on this week, Wyatt practiced her own “ready” stance and “40-yard” dash.

Her hand placement and everything were perfect.

She looked just like her dad while repping an Eagles t-shirt with his No. 62 on the back.

Kelce recently shared a wishy-washy update on his retirement plans during an appearance on the Superfly podcast.

I don’t know. I’m trying to figure it out right now,” Kelce said. “Right now, exploring different opportunities if I end up retiring. Still working out and staying in shape if I end up playing again.”

If he does decide to throw in the towel after 13 incredible seasons, it would suck, but at least Wyatt would make a much cuter center for the Eagles than her father.

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