Kim K’s Fury: BANISHED by Travis and Kourtney, Madness Takes Control

Kim K’s Fury: BANISHED by Travis and Kourtney, Madness Takes Control

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Reality star Kim Kardashian has reportedly gone mad after being kicked out of the house of her sister Kourtney Kardashian and her boyfriend Travis Barker. The incident allegedly occurred following a heated argument between Kim and Kourtney.

According to sources, Kim had been staying at Kourtney’s house temporarily due to some construction work being done at her own residence. However, tensions arose when Kim was asked to leave by Kourtney and Travis, who expressed their desire to have privacy in their home.

It is rumored that the argument escalated quickly, with Kim feeling hurt and betrayed by her sister’s sudden decision.


The source also revealed that Kim has been overthinking the situation and is taking it very personally.


The fallout from the incident has reportedly taken a toll on Kim’s mental health. She has been exhibiting signs of distress and anger, leading some to wonder if she has reached a breaking point. Friends and family are said to be concerned and urging her to seek professional help.

Kim’s reaction to being kicked out of Kourtney’s house raises questions about the dynamics of their relationship. Although it is normal for siblings to have disagreements, this incident seems to have caused a significant rift between the sisters.


While details surrounding the argument remain unclear, it is evident that the fallout has had a major impact on Kim’s emotional state. It is hoped that Kim can find a way to heal from this experience and rebuild her relationship with Kourtney in the future.

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