Travis Kelce and Jason Kelce Get Offered a “Blank Check” for Kardarshian Like Reality Show But Fans Want None of It. tt

Are you ready to Keep up With the Kelces? According to reports, the Kelce family could be in talks to be the subject of a KUWTK-style reality show. It’s not a far-fetched idea, considering the skyrocketing popularity the family has experienced in the past year. And given Travis’s reality TV experience, Jason and Kelce’s documentary, and the brother’s super-hit podcast, they already have a fair bit of media and camera training. But fans aren’t completely on board.

Per Life & Style, the Kelce family has been offered a “blank check” by TV producers for a Kardashian-style reality TV show about their family. Surprisingly, fans seem completely opposed to the idea. Some want Jason Kelce to just return to the field instead of participating in reality TV, while some think it’s purely because of mega-star Taylor Swift’s association with Travis Kelce.

One fan said,

However, some seem to be in opposition to the idea purely because of their dislike of the Kardashian family. One fan simply said,

The brothers are accustomed to spontaneous antics. Travis showcased his flair for entertainment on the reality dating show Catching Kelce in 2016, demonstrating his knack for adding excitement. Meanwhile, Jason’s energetic persona might lead to potential appearances in WrestleMania, as rumors suggest. The possibilities are truly endless for these charismatic boys.

Jason Kelce’s Post-Retirement Plan

The uber-fun Jason Kelce is already drowning in opportunities post-retirement. Reports emerged earlier this week that he has been invited to join Wrestlemania this weekend in Philly. He also threw the ceremonial pitch during the Phillies and Braves matchup at Citizens Bank Park.

He’s also detailed his plans to lose weight since he doesn’t need those extra pounds anymore as he is no longer a center. In a recent episode of the New Heights podcast, Jason revealed his intention to shed some weight and improve his overall fitness now that the responsibilities of being a center are behind him.

Additionally, Kelce wants to acquire new skills and take on household responsibilities. He commended his wife, Kylie, for her wiring expertise and taking on the brunt of household work and expressed a keen interest in knife making. Travis, meanwhile, is getting ready for another successful season with the Chiefs, who will be hoping to make a three-peat.

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