(VIDEO) JUST NOW: Katt Williams EXPOSES Hollywood’s Baphomet RITUALS – Diddy’s VOODOO Link REVEALED!

If you thought Katt Williams was done exposing Hollywood after all the backlash he received following his Club Shay Shay appearance, well Katt just proved once again he doesn’t care about any type of backlash and’s back at it again, dropping truthbombs about Hollywood in another explosive interview.

This time he made an appearance on Joe Rogan’s podcast and made a series of shocking claims about the entertainment industry, including rumored Baphomet rituals, and explained how Hollywood is one huge propaganda machine…

What’s interesting is that not that long ago, rumors started circulating that none other than Diddy has been involved in these alleged rituals.

As you’ve probably heard by now, Diddy was recently hit with yet another lawsuit, his fifths so far, accusing him of some extremely disturbing stuff, including alleged FO sessions with young women and men.

And while social media is mostly focusing on jokes about Diddy being on the DL, others are saying there’s a much more sinister aspect to all these allegations and those alleged FO sessions could be some kind of energy harvesting rituals…

Of course, this could be just another conspiracy theory about Hollywood and some fans are now saying Katt has lost the plot…However, there are just as many people who are convinced there’s at least some truth to what Katt is saying because he’s not the first one to talk about these rumored rituals in Hollywood…

But what exactly did Katt reveal about these rituals? And why are fans saying Diddy is involved in some type of dark magic??

Let’s break it down!

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