Ariana Grande turns into a black cat in MV “the boy is mine”

 Finally, the wait is over for Ariana Grande fans as her music video ‘The Boy Is Mine’ is out now.

Ariana Grande praised as a 'marketing genius' as fans spot sneaky Wicked  nod in The Boy is Mine music video - Cirrkus News

Set in a city similar to New York, the video starts with a sanitization worker expressing anger over fictional Mayor Max Starling’s lack of care for cleaning up the area, which is infested with rats.

Taking to her Instagram handle, Ariana treated the fans with the muisc video.

Grande is then seen making a potion in her home, as a news report begins to play on her television — featuring Brandy and Monica, who sang the original ‘The Boy Is Mine’ — as broadcasters introducing the mayor’s segment.

Starling claims that he is going to unleash stray cats into the streets to tackle the rat problem.

Grande believes it’s a “brilliant” idea, as it’s revealed she’s making a love potion just to make him fall in love with her.

Grande’s cat breaks the potion bottle, but she manages to save part of it before heading off on a quest by dressing up in a masked Catwoman-esque costume.

She then breaks into Starling’s house and watches him from afar, before he finds her sitting on his bed. Scared, he tries to leave but she makes him stay, before giving him the potion.

He takes off her mask to reveal her face and throws the love potion — because he’s already fallen for her.

The video is directed by Christian Breslaur, who also worked on the video for ‘We Can’t Be Friends (Wait for Your Love)’ and “Yes, And?”

Grande first shared a teaser of the music video on Monday, May 27, and teased that Badgley, 37, would be her costar in a TikTok post on Monday, June 3, showing the actor dancing to the song’s chorus.

The song, which reimagines Brandy and Monica’s 1998 hit, is Grande’s latest single from her seventh studio album, ‘Eternal Sunshine’

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