(C)Donna Kelce Celebrates her birthday in the Company of her sons, as they shower her with heartfelt gifts and wishes. Surprise came from Taylor Swift’s gift

What text messages does Donna Kelce send to her sons

Jason Kelce. She has become a popular celebrity in the NFL world due to her unwavering support for her two sons. Last year’s Super Bowl saw her in the spotlight as Travis and the Chiefs emerged victorious against Jason’s Eagles.approaches, Donna will be right there with Taylor, hoping to witness Travis clinch his third championship.

Donna Kelce Celebrates her 72nd birthday in the Company of her sons, as they shower her with heartfelt gifts and wishes

During an appearance on NBC’s “Today” show, Donna shared the heartwarming message she sends to her sons the night before their football games: “I try not to bother them on game day because they’re a little busy, and I don’t think I’m going to get through.

But usually I try like the night before, I will text my sons and will give them a little encouragement. Send them a little funny picture of when they were younger, depending on what team they’re playing…a little nostalgia.”

In addition to being a supportive mother, Donna has also been the subject of some lighthearted moments in the NFL world.

Christian McCaffrey recently had everyone laughing with a hilarious story about the exact moment he realized how cool Travis Kelce really is. It seems like Donna’s sons have inherited her sense of humor and charm.

Donna Kelce has easily become everyone’s favorite football mom. Check out some her most heartwarming supportive moments below

Donna Kelce holds up photos of her sons, Jason Kelce #62 of the Philadelphia Eagles and Travis Kelce #87 of the Kansas City Chiefs at Footprint Center on February 6, 2023 in Phoenix, Arizona

Donna Kelce holding figureheads of Jason and Travis Kelce. PHOTO: COOPER NEILL/GETTY

It’s no secret that the Kelce clan is pretty tight, and it seems like the glue that holds them all together is their beloved matriarch, Donna Kelce. The football mom never misses a birthday or an opportunity to give back with her sons and is always there with a big hug and smile to make the guys’ significant others feel at home.

From bringing them cookies before the Super Bowl to getting down with them on the dance floor, check out these sweet moments between Donna Kelce and her sons, NFL stars Jason and Travis Kelce.

When She Brought Her Boys Cookies Ahead of the Big Game

Mother Donna Kelce gives cookies to her son's Jason Kelce #62 of the Philadelphia Eagles and Travis Kelce

Donna Kelce with Jason and Travis Kelce at Super Bowl LVII.CHRISTIAN PETERSEN/GETTY

The run up to last year’s Super Bowl LVII was both fun and frenzied as Jason and Travis Kelce were set to face off against each other. So, as any mom would, Donna brought her boys some sweet pre-game snacks (her famous cookies!) to calm the nerves and play fair ahead of the big game outside Phoenix.

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When She Consoled Jason After the Philadelphia Eagles Lost …

Having her two sons going after the same trophy couldn’t have been easy, as one was guaranteed to take a loss. However, the proud mama managed to find her firstborn among the hoards of people and consoled him in a moment that went viral after Super Bowl LVII.

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… But Also Celebrated with Travis After His Win

Travis Kelce with His Mom Donna After Super Bowl

Donna Kelce with Travis Kelce after Super Bowl LVII. CHRISTIAN PETERSEN/GETTY

Mama Kelce then made her way to Travis — who scored his second Super Bowl win — for an equally emotional moment.

When She Surprised Travis at a Press Conference

After the Chiefs beat the Pittsburgh Steelers during the 2022 playoffs, Donna called into Trav’s post-game conference, gave him some encouraging words and put a smile on his face.

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When She Made Travis Stop Bragging About His Win

Mama Kelce entered her own endorsement era when she starred in a Campbell’s Chunky commercial with her sons. The premise: Donna gets Jason ready for the next Super Bowl by feeding him some hearty soup as she jokingly chides Travis for bragging.

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When She Was in Full Grandma Mode

Donna Kelce's best grandma moments. Travis Kelce

Donna Kelce with her family.KYLIE KELCE/INSTAGRAM

Not only is Mama Kelce the most supportive mother to Jason and Travis, she’s also a hands-on grandma. The matriarch was present and accounted for in the fall of 2023 as Jason and his wife Kylie were celebrating daughter Wyatt’s 4th birthday and an Eagles win.

When She Hit the Red Carpet with Trav

Travis Kelce, Donna Kelce arrives at the Los Angeles Premiere Of Netflix's "Quarterback" at TUDUM Theater on July 11, 2023 in Hollywood, California

Travis Kelce and Donna Kelce at the ‘Quarterback’ premiere.STEVE GRANITZ/FILMMAGIC

Donna made for the best date when she accompanied Travis to the premiere of his fellow Chiefs teammate Patrick Mahomes’ Netflix documentary, Quarterback.

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