(C)‘Why can’t she go to a regular airport?’: Taylor Swift slammed for walking around freely at Coachella while refusing to take regular plane

‘Why can’t she go to a regular airport?’: Taylor Swift slammed for walking around freely at Coachella while refusing to take regular plane
‘The crowd didn’t immediately attack her?’

Stacy Fernandez Trending Posted on Apr 15, 2024
Just a few months ago, people scrutinized Taylor Swift for constantly flying on her private jet, citing the huge negative impact flying (let alone privately) has on the environment. But fans defended her, saying there was no way someone that famous could fly commercial without getting bombarded by fans.

Yet she was pictured over the weekend walking hand-in-hand with her football boo Travis Kelce around Coachella, seemingly unbothered and unswarmed by fans.

While some argue that Coachella attracts a lot of fellow celebrities (the theory being that this makes it safer for Swift), this year, more than half a million people planned to attend—and a good chunk of attendees are just regular people there to have fun.

With the number of fans Swift has, there were 100% Swifties at Coachella, too.

In a viral video, TikToker Bryan (@bryanlicious2) called out the hypocrisy of “weird cult swifties” who were making up stories about the pop star being concerned for her safety, as if she doesn’t have “entire body [guards].”

“You’re telling me that Taylor Swift could be somewhere, and the crowd didn’t immediately attack her? I thought that the mobs were supposed to like kill her. Like that her safety was in question,” Bryan said sarcastically.

“Why can’t her a** go to a regular airport? I’m confused. Oh, it’s because she could,” Bryan continued.

OK, a bit more context here. Just a few months ago, during Super Bowl season, Taylor Swift faced added scrutiny about her avid use of her private jet as people tried to guess if she’d be able to make it on time from her tour stop in Japan (aka the other side of the world) to see Kelce play the Super Bowl in Vegas.

This added spotlight came around the same time Swift sent college student Jack Sweeney a cease-and-desist letter for tracking and publicizing her flights online

In a letter to Sweeney, Swift’s lawyer said the live tracker was a safety concern for Swift.

“Because the Offending Accounts share ‘live’ updates on her destination and the exact time our Client will arrive at a given location, you essentially provide individuals intent on physically harming her, or with nefarious or violent intentions, a roadmap to carry out their plans,” Swift’s lawyer, Katie Morrone, said in the letter, ABC News reported.

But Sweeney doesn’t see it that way, stating he doesn’t intend to cause Swift any harm and is acting in the public’s interest.

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