On Easter, Mom Randi Enjoys “Priceless Time” With Jackson, Patrick Mahomes, and Family

The celebratory mood has taken over the NFL world! With the off-season underway, football players are facing the golden opportunity to celebrate Easter with their families, making up for the missed holiday time due to their busy schedules. The same is the case with Patrick Mahomes and his family, who chose to have a big gathering on Easter day.


After a long time, Randi Mahomes could be seen in one place with all her 𝘤𝘩𝘪𝘭𝘥ren, Patrick Mahomes, Jackson, and Mia, fitting well in the frame. Even the QB’s kids were there to enjoy their time with their fraternal family. The QB’s mother just posted a photo on Instagram on the occasion of this gathering, expressing her gratitude to God and happiness in having her family close.

Randi’s picture on IG is captioned, “Priceless time with my family. ️God is so Great #blessed #missyoumomma #2024 #Easter.” It shows Randi Mahomes in the frame with her father, Patrick, and Jackson Mahomes, along with their sister Mia Randall. Mahomes brothers are smiling as Patrick holds Sterling and Jackson holds Bronze Mahomes in his arms.

The family post is getting a lot of appreciation from fans and friends alike. Someone commented, “Love‼️Bronze looks just like your dad!!!! That has to make him happy!!!” while another one wrote, “This photo makes my heart smile. I have been praying for you with Easter coming up.”

An interesting thing to note about this picture is that the kids are wearing the same outfit. The same T-shirts, pants, and Adidas shoes, make them look adorable in their matching fits. But that’s not the only fun Mahomes’ 𝘤𝘩𝘪𝘭𝘥ren are up right now!

Patrick Mahomes spending quality time with his little ones!

It all started when the Chiefs won the Super Bowl, and the family took off to Disneyland. Since then, the family has been to beaches, watching March Madness games together, and recently, they went to see an Emmy Award-winning show, Bluey’s Big Show play. Now, yesterday, Mahomes was even seen enjoying the leisure activity of fishing with his daughter, Sterling.


Brittany Mahomes took to IG to rave about the daddy-daughter time the two spent. Mahomes could be seen holding a big catfish in his hands while little Sterling appeared hilariously terrified of it. The IG story was captioned, “Ster not a fan of a fish the same size as her.”

The Mahomes family loves to share their off-season shenanigans with the people. Wonder what we are going to see next from the family!

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