(m) BREAKING: The Eras Tour Movie Creates 1 Huge Challenge For Taylor Swift’s Next Era

Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour was a massive success in theaters and on streaming, which is exciting but also poses a challenge for the singer.

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Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour has broken many records since its theatrical release and its achievements indicate that Taylor Swift’s next era will face one specific (and impossible) challenge. The 2023 concert film, directed by Sam Wrench, chronicles the singer-songwriter’s monumental (almost three-and-a-half-hour) 2023-2024 worldwide concert tour, The Eras Tour. It was released in theaters on October 13, 2023, and just like the tour itself, tickets for Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour were in high demand and sold out quickly as many rushed to theaters to sing and dance along to almost 40 of Swift’s songs featured in the concert.

Following its theatrical run, Disney+ won out in the bidding war for streaming rights to Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour and debuted a new version that featured more songs on March 14, 2024. Disney+ called the film Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour (Taylor’s Version), and it became the most-streamed music movie on the streaming service with 4.6 million views and 16.2 million viewing hours over its first three days. The movie’s success is unprecedented, meaning that whatever Swift has up her sleeve regarding her next era will have to face an obstacle that will likely be impossible to overcome.

The Eras Tour Movie Sets The Bar Very High For Taylor Swift’s Next Concert Movie

Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour Is The Highest-Grossing Concert Film Ever



Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour, the film accompanying Taylor Swift’s The Eras Tour (the highest-grossing concert tour of all time), is one of the most successful concert movies ever, which will likely mean that anything that follows will be inferior. The singer-songwriter will continue releasing films, especially since Swift is set to make her feature directorial debut after signing a deal with Searchlight Pictures. However, it would be difficult to compare a fictional project to a documentary, so the real challenge that Swift will have is creating future concert movies that can live up to Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour.

Taylor Swift has reportedly already written the script for her feature film directorial debut, but details surrounding the project are being kept hush-hush (for now).

Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour broke a major box office record only three months after opening by surpassing Michael Jackson’s This Is It to become the highest-grossing concert film of all time. The project ultimately earned $261.7 million at the worldwide box office against a $10-20 million budget. It’s hard to imagine that her next music movie will surpass Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour‘s box office if Swift decides to go forward with a theatrical release again instead of going straight to streaming. Stranger things have happened, though, and Swift has constantly raised the bar for herself over the years.

Taylor Swift is more than likely to release a concert film (or a documentary like Miss Americana ) to accompany the debut of her next album — The Tortured Poets Department .

One of the songs that Taylor Swift performs during The Eras Tour is “champagne problems,” and many wonder about the inspiration behind the lyrics.

Taylor Swift’s Album Releases Are Usually Followed By A Concert Film

Swift Has Released 8 Movies



Taylor Swift is more than likely to release a concert film (or a documentary like Miss Americana) to accompany the debut of her next album — The Tortured Poets Department — as that has been her reputation since Fearless dropped in 2008. Swift has released eight documentaries and concert movies since the beginning of her career, and they almost always follow one of her albums. The only albums that don’t have an accompanying film are Taylor SwiftRed, and evermore. However, one could argue that Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour amasses the releases of Loverfolkloreevermore, and Midnights.

The possible concert movie or documentary that could accompany Swift’s eleventh studio album will likely be and should be smaller compared to Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour.

As a result, one can expect Swift to conjure up an idea for a movie related to The Tortured Poets Department. Of course, the singer-songwriter has not unveiled or announced any project concerning Swift’s upcoming album, but history has proven that one is probably in the works (or at least exists as an idea in Swift’s mind). Only time will tell if a film will accompany the debut of her eleventh studio album or what it will look like. However, one thing is certain — it will face a huge challenge to surpass the success of Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour on Disney+ and in theaters.

Disney+ released the viewing totals for Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour’s opening weekend on the streaming service, but the number is concerning.

Taylor Swift’s Next Concert Film Should Be Smaller Than The Eras Tour Movie

Nothing Can (Or Should Top) The Eras Tour



Given that The Tortured Poets Department won’t be released until April 19, 2024, it’s difficult to accurately pinpoint Taylor Swift’s upcoming album’s tone and sound. But the tracklist and what Swift has teased about it indicate that it will probably be more similar to folklore than Midnights, especially due to the teases of its emphasis on the artist’s superb songwriting skills. Consequently, the possible concert movie or documentary that could accompany Swift’s eleventh studio album will likely be and should be smaller compared to Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour.

Swift’s 2023-2024 worldwide concert tour is an unprecedented event that the world will plausibly never see again, and the singer-songwriter shouldn’t attempt to top it because any efforts will probably fail. Plus, Swift may not even go on tour to promote The Tortured Poets Department since it will debut while she is still performing shows for the Eras Tour. Perhaps she will produce a smaller film like Folklore: The Long Pond Studios Sessions for her next album instead of trying to recreate or exceed the success of Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour.

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