Dr. Dre calls Eminem the ‘best ever’ claiming other rappers ‘can’t touch’ him

During an interview with James Corden on This Life of Mine on SiriusXM Without a doubt, Dr. Dre declared that Eminem was the “best ever.”

However, any artist will recognize the fine line that separates becoming a successful business from being a successful artist, in whatever shape that may be for each individual.

If Dr. Dre’s conversation with Eminem is any indication, the artist admires his fellow musicians.

“I think he’s the best MC ever,” Dr. Dre declared in an interview with James Corden. Point blank, without a doubt.”

That is some pretty high praise!

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As he sat down with Corden, Dr. Dre thought back to their initial encounter with Eminem. He stated: “I was just starting this new thing, this new campaign with Aftermath Records, and I was working on my second solo album at the time, and it was just OK.” The rapper clarified that he would regularly visit Jimmy Iovine, the record executive’s office.

He said: “We would go down to his garage, which he turned into a listening room, and he would just play demos.”One day, he simply said, “What are your thoughts on this?” And at the time, I was unaware that the artist he was playing, Eminem, was a white man.”

Naturally, Dre had not finished, as he brought the record home to listen to it.”I took it home with me, and I couldn’t stop playing this s—,” Dre recounted. I couldn’t stop playing it, and the following day, Jimmy called and said, “You know it’s a white guy, right?”

“Oh, okay,” he said, continuing, “so long story short, I met Eminem at Jimmy Iovine’s office.” We shook hands, entered the recording booth, and got to work.”

The rapper and producer also shared information regarding Eminem’s first four albums.

He went on to say: “I’m not sure if anybody knows this, but I think [Eminem’s] first four albums was just me and him and his writing and his delivery.”

He is a tremendous fan of Eminem.

Dr. Dre expressed his admiration for Eminem by saying, “I don’t think anyone would disagree that his imagination is off the charts.”

He’s the best MC ever, in my opinion. Point blank, no ambiguity.”Given that he is a white man, disagreements over that will inevitably arise. Nobody who is rapping, in my opinion, can match Eminem at the microphone.”

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