Dr. Umar Johnson says Eminem can’t be considered the greatest rapper of all time because he’s white

Eminem will always rank among the greatest rappers, in the opinion of many of us. For many children of the 1990s, listening to Eminem was an integral part of growing up since it caused us to uncomfortably bond over rapping along to “Stan.” Furthermore, it’s difficult to dispute the 51-year-old’s influence on rap music given his catchy ideas and polysyllabic delivery, which have won over many fans.

Dr. Umar Johnson, a motivational speaker, has stated that Eminem “cannot be considered the GOAT of rap” because he is white, therefore it seems that Johnson disagrees. During an interview with Joe Budden for his podcast, The Joe Budden Podcast, Dr. Umar became enraged and began to criticize White people for engaging with Black culture. “Eminem has all the privileges of a white male and all the privileges of being in the hip hop community, so we got to be careful about letting non-Africans into our community,” he continued, asserting that they can engage in it “as a hobby.”

Continuing to express his viewpoint, Umar tells Budden that ranking him first is “white supremacist.” He stated: “No non-African can ever be the best of anything African.” “It is a slight to the forefathers. It is demeaning to both the Black community and the race as a whole.” “I don’t like that,” said Budden, who has a history of friction with the rapper. Then he jumped in, asking, “You don’t think Eminem is one of the greatest rappers of all time?” Dr. Umar responded, “According to who?” In response, Budden said, “According to rap fans?”

He continues by saying that he could never visit Israel or Palestine and embody the “best anything” about their cultures. “Therefore, it is offensive to refer to non-Africans as the finest representatives of any segment of our culture,” the speaker continued. Nevertheless, a co-star of Budden intervened to ‘acknowledge that the quality is there’. Furthermore, this isn’t the first time someone has asserted anything similar.

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