Eminem had a premonition that people would turn on Drake on a song four years ago

Four years ago, Eminem had a premonition that Drake would become popular because to a song.

The internet is now resurrecting the lyrics of Marshall Mathers in response to Drizzy’s recent rumors of beef.

Southpawers, a Shady Records fan site, tweeted a picture of lyrics a fan had shared from Eminem’s 2020 song “Zeus,” which is included on the rapper’s Music to Be Murdered By deluxe album.

The photo was posted on Monday, March 25. Em predicts that people will turn against Drake in the song.

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Eminem’s Forecast Regarding Drake

“I’ve had a fantastic view to see the game all the way through. Drake, they will eventually turn against you (You) as well. Additionally, the more you succeed, the sooner they do.

They’ll refer to you as a garbage can and claim that your current one isn’t any better than your previous one, and/or even so, as soon as people begin to turn away, They’re not coming back in. They took advantage of Chance.

The past tense of “future” will be mentioned next (yeah). Or saying, “I’m just trying to keep the s**t a C-note, I’m not dissin’, ‘Adiós’ to Migos,” On the song, Eminem raps.

Following the release of their new collaborative album, We Don’t Trust You, by Metro Boomin and Future on March 22, Kendrick Lamar’s single “Like That” became an internet sensation.

K-Dot targets a portion of the “Big Three,” which consists of Drizzy, J. Cole, and Kendrick Lamar, whom fans have crowned the greatest rappers currently active.

The latter did not mention the names of Drake or J. Cole but rather referenced the song “First Person Shooter” by name. But it’s obvious to whom K-Dot was referring.

Fans have been attempting to piece together why Kendrick might be at odds with Drake and Cole since last Friday.

Is there a deeper problem with the Future? People believe that because of a lady, the collaborators on What a Time to Be Alive are no longer pals. Metro Boomin, though, disproved that idea.

In any case, it appears that some other artists are taking sides. It appears that Nav, a musician signed to The Weeknd’s XO label, unfollowed Drake on Instagram.

Rick Ross reportedly participated as well. There’s a lot of conjecture here, but not much evidence, that’s for sure.

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