Johnny Depp has responded to claims he verbally abused one of his former co-stars while recording a scene on set.

Lola Glaudini starred alongside the beloved Edward Scissorhands actor in the 2001 movie Blow – which also featured the likes of Penélope Cruz and Ray Liotta. Check out the trailer below:

Despite being well received by audiences and critics, the movie isn’t known for being one of Depp’s stand-out career highlights – as he swiftly went on to captivate global audiences just a couple of years later in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise.

However, Depp has been forced to speak out about the movie after Glaudini shared damning allegations about his on-set behavior.

As reported by Deadline, the now-52-year-old actress – who is also known for her roles in Criminal Minds and The Sopranos – revealed on the Powerful Truth Angels that Depp had berated her after she followed instructions from the movie’s director, Ted Demme.

Actress Lola Glaudini opened up about her alleged confrontation with Depp. Credit: Paul Archuleta / Getty

Glaudini claimed that Demme had told her to “burst out laughing” while Depp delivered a monologue while filming the movie.

But rather than just continue with the scene, Glaudini went on to allege:

“When they say cut, walks over to me, comes up to me, sticks his finger in my face and he goes, ‘Who the f*** do you think you are? Who the f*** do you think you are? Shut the f*** up. I’m out here, and I’m trying to f***ing say my lines and you’re f***ing pulling focus. You f***ing idiot. Oh, now, oh now it’s not so funny? Now you can shut up? Now you can f***ing shut the fuck up? The quiet that you are right now, that’s how you f***ing stay.’”

After Glaudini’s claims made the rounds on social media, a rep for Depp has now responded.

In a statement to Deadline, Depp’s representative said:

“Johnny always prioritizes good working relationships with cast and crew and this recounting differs greatly from the recollection of other members on set at the time.”

Elsewhere on the podcast, Glaudini revealed that Blow was her first “studio movie”, and that she had “idolized” Depp prior to working with him.

Johnny Depp has responded to the claims via his rep. Credit: Daniele Venturelli / Getty

She added that while the alleged interaction was occurring; “The only thing going through my head was, ‘Don’t cry, don’t cry, don’t cry.'”

Following the rumored incident, she states that Depp did find her backstage and gave her “a non-apology apology”, blaming the alleged outburst on “staying in [his] character” and being a “little tense”.

Glaudini continued: “I just looked at him, and I was like, ‘I don’t know what you’re talking about? Of course, what are you talking about? Totally cool.’ Because I was like… my dad said, ‘Don’t let them see you sweat.’ So that was that.”

The actress added that director Demme – who passed away just one year after the movie’s release – did not apologize for giving her the direction, adding that she felt “totally hung out to dry”.

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