Depp’s involvement in a defamation trial with his ex-wife, Amber Heard, strained his relationship with Disney

The next instalment of Pirates of the Caribbean, instead of being a straight sequel, will be a reboot. This decision aims to make the production process easier, as it eliminates the need to wait for specific actors to reprise their roles. Producer Jerry Bruckheimer confirmed that Johnny Depp may not reprise his role in the upcoming film.

One of the major factors that led to the popularity and, in turn, the success of the Pirates of the Caribbean film series was Depp’s portrayal of Jack Sparrow. However, he might not return for Pirates of the Caribbean 6 due to recent controversies. Bruckheimer told Comicbook.com, “Pirates of the Caribbean will be akin to a franchise reboot rather than a direct sequel to Dead Men Tell No Tales.”

He said that his relationship with Disney was strained after they tried to “cut ties to be safe.” However, the 60-year-old actor has loosened his previous stand and is more open to returning “if the project is right.”

Depp’s involvement in a defamation trial with his ex-wife, Amber Heard, strained his relationship with Disney. Although the trial verdict favoured Depp, his return to the action-fantasy film franchise remains uncertain.

Bruckheimer has recently acknowledged Depp’s skills and voiced his enthusiasm for the actor’s portrayal of Jack Sparrow.

Although Depp’s participation in the sequel is yet to be confirmed, the decision to revive the franchise as a sequel raises the possibility of a breakup with his character, Jack Sparrow.

Opting for a reboot over a direct sequel allows for a swifter and faster production schedule because it eliminates the need to hold off on casting decisions. This move is likely to hasten Pirates of the Caribbean 6’s development and release.

All things considered, the choice to revive the Pirates of the Caribbean series for the sixth instalment suggests a departure from the previous plot and cast of characters, possibly indicating the end of Johnny Depp’s tenure as Captain Jack Sparrow.

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