Shakira is adjusting to a new way of life after her separation from long-time partner, soccer star Gerard Piqué, following 12 years together.

In a recent interview for ELLE magazine’s October 2022 digital cover story, the “Hips Don’t Lie” singer reflected on the significant relationship and how she prioritized Piqué’s dreams and aspirations over her own career.

Describing her past hectic schedule as an artist, constantly traveling, performing in various countries, and working on charitable projects in Colombia, Shakira realized that they needed to settle down once their eldest son, Milan, 9, began school.

They chose Barcelona as their home base to support Piqué’s soccer career and his desire to win titles.

This decision meant that Shakira had to temporarily put her own career on hold to support her partner. In a candid moment, Shakira shared, “I had to be there for him.

It was a necessary sacrifice, but one of us had to make it.” This period of transition has allowed Shakira to reflect on her own needs and ambitions, and she is now navigating a new chapter in her life with a renewed sense of independence and purpose.

Shakira, now 45 years old and a mother of two, made a practical choice for her family when deciding to support her partner’s career in Spain.

She had to choose between uprooting her husband from his contract with Barcelona to move to the U.S. where her career was, or putting her own career on hold to move to Spain instead.

Ultimately, she made the sacrifice out of love, putting her own aspirations on the backburner to support her husband’s football career and help him achieve his goals.

While it’s often expected for women to make such sacrifices in relationships, Shakira has no regrets about her decision, even if it meant putting her own career in the background.

Shakira reflected on the sacrifices she made for her kids, allowing her to be present and form an unbreakable bond with them.

She wonders if Piqué appreciates her sacrifices and if he would have done the same for her.

Nonetheless, Shakira cherishes the special time spent with her boys when they were little, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

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