(M) Taylor Swift Didn’t Hesitate When Accepting Travis’s Invitation To Join His Game Despite Her Hectic Schedule

According to People magazine, Taylor Swift didn’t hesitate when accepting Travis’s invitation to join his game.

“Taylor is very focused on her work. Travis invited her, and of course, she agreed… She just thinks it’s a great way to be with her loved one…”

The pair was captured on video walking beside each other as they made their way out of Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City, Missouri, on Sunday night

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce are officially spending time together!

The “Lavender Haze” singer, 33, was captured on video leaving Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City, Missouri, on Sunday night with the Kansas City Chiefs tight end, also 33, by her side.

As the two walked together other on their way out of the building, Swift smiled briefly at the camera and appeared to say “bye.” Kelce, dressed in a patterned two-piece outfit, also shot a smile and brief nod to the camera.

Swift was part of the crowd cheering on the Chiefs in their matchup against the Chicago Bears Sunday.

She watched the on-field action from Kelce’s suite with the athlete’s mother, Donna Kelce. The pair could be seen sitting shoulder-to-shoulder and chatting and laughing together throughout the game.

The Grammy winner showed her team spirit by wearing a red-and-white Chiefs jacket, which was later tied around her waist as she left the stadium.

Footage from the game, shared by Fox Sports on X, showed Swift smiling, cheering and clapping enthusiastically as she watched Kelce and his teammates. At one point, she even raised her hands in the air in excitement.

Swift’s stadium appearance comes just days after Kelce invited her to attend the game while appearing on The Pat McAfee Show podcast.

A source told PEOPLE that once Swift heard about the invite, she didn’t let a busy schedule stop her from accepting.

“Taylor is very focused on work right now and hanging out with her girlfriends,” the source said. “Travis invited her to the game, and of course she said ‘yes.'”

“She just thought it was a fantastic way to spend Sunday,” the source added.

On the podcast Thursday, host Pat McAfee asked Kelce if he wanted to “expand upon” the rumors that he and Swift are dating, which is “being talked about by the whole entire world right now.”

Though he wouldn’t confirm at the time whether he and Swift had actually met in person, he did share that he “threw the ball in her court.”

“I’ve seen you rock the stage at Arrowhead [Stadium],” he told McAfee, as if speaking directly to the “Champagne Problems” singer. “You might have to come see me rock the stage at Arrowhead and see which one’s a little more lit.”

“We’ll see what happens in the near future,” he added.

It turned out to be a good night for Swift to watch Kelce in action, as he scored an impressive touchdown during the game.

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