Doja Cat turns into s.e.x kitten at Coachella! Rapper wears skimpy fur bikini as she manages SIX wild costume changes during epic headline gig

Doja Cat, the 28-year-old singer known for her audacious style, has once again stormed the cultural discourse with a performance that might just redefine live music theatrics.

Closing out the first weekend of Coachella 2024, Doja Cat, born Amala Ratna Zandile Dlamini, didn’t just perform; she orchestrated a full-blown fashion extravaganza with no less than six radical costume changes that have sparked both awe and heated debates.

The 28-year-old singer (born Amala Ratna Zandile Dlamini) was announced as the headliner for both Sunday shows back in January

Her show started somewhat cryptically, with her donning what appeared to be a white hazmat suit, an odd yet intriguing choice that set the internet abuzz about the potential symbolism.

Was it a commentary on the pandemic, or merely a striking visual to captivate the audience before revealing what lay underneath?

As she transitioned into her second song, the suit came off, revealing a dramatically different look: a blonde wig and a suit of blonde hair extensions that played as tassels across her outfit, defining a new level of stage costume creativity or, for some, absurdity.

She then went on to perform Demons and a shortened version of Tia Tamera, keeping the blonde wig but losing the suit

The performance saw Doja cycling through a wardrobe that included everything from a white bodice paired with thigh-high boots to a fur-lined bikini complete with a sleeveless cut-off vest and custom Timberland boots lined with fur.

Each change seemed to push the envelope further, challenging what concert fashion can be. Her final act involved rolling in mud in a skimpy bikini surrounded by gyrating dancers, a scene that was as controversial as it was unforgettable.

This look was almost somewhat of a fur-lined bikini of sorts with a sleeveless cut-off vest, fur-lined panties and fur-lined boots

These bold choices weren’t just about fashion but seemed to be carefully crafted to provoke discussion, making Doja Cat the centerpiece of debates over the sexualization in performances and the boundaries of artist expression.

Some praised her for her unapologetic empowerment and creativity, while others criticized the overt sexual tones, questioning the necessity of such displays in musical performances.

Doja Cat held a matching white microphone to go with her white bikini

As the headlines around her historic performance at Coachella continue to swirl, Doja Cat’s strategic use of fashion and body art has undeniably catapulted her back into the musical charts with her album “Scarlet” making a significant jump.

This rise is not just a testament to her musical talents but also to her savvy understanding of visual impact and cultural conversation starters.

Whether loved or loathed, Doja Cat’s performance was undeniably effective in ensuring that all eyes and conversations would remain on her, making it a landmark moment in Coachella’s history and in her career.

As she prepares to take the stage again next weekend, the anticipation is palpable: What will Doja Cat do next?

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