JENNIFER Lopez gave a truly eye-catching performance, wearing a series of revealing outfits, many revealing her midriff and frequently showing off her crotch..

JENNIFER Lopez has put on a truly eye-popping performance in Las Vegas which saw her show off her famous bum and gyrate on the ground in front of fans.

The 47-year-old singer wore a series of revealing outfits, many of which revealed her derriere, and she regularly flashed her crotch as she danced provocatively on stage.

Jennifer Lopez showcased her incredible bum on stage in VegasCredit: Splash News

The star wiggles her backside to the musicCredit: Splash News

The Latino film star and Drake’s ex-girlfriend even laid down on the floor with her legs spread-eagled, before a troupe of dancers helped pick her up.

At several points it looked like Jen was going to fall over while dancing in enormous heels.

The show at the AXIS Theatre involves a hell of a lot of sequins and thigh-flashing, as the star attempts to make her mark on a city which has already hosted residencies by Britney Spears, Celine Dion and Cher.

The singer and her dancers were all about the bum showCredit: Splash News

J-Lo struggles to keep her poise during her moves on the stage floorCredit: Splash News

It was a good job Jen was wearing thick skin-coloured, bejewelled tights with her outfit during her more revealing moments on the floor.

Her skimpy leotard barely covered her private parts as her orange-clad assistants attempted to scoop her off the ground.

The star leans all the way back as she shows off her stage movesCredit: Splash News

Another point in the show saw J-Lo show off her perfect “slut drop” technique in a 𝑠e𝑥y red dress complete with long gloves.

As her name suggests, it seems J can indeed get very Lo.

J-Lo dips down showing off her amazing legsCredit: Splash News

Jennifer wore just a leotard and spangly jacket with boots at one pointCredit: Splash News

More hip hop numbers in Jennifer’s set saw her channel the Jenny From The Block side of her personality.

But her extravagant, show-stopping blue dress with a feathered trim was surely the most memorable outfit of them all.

This carnivalesque number was much less revealingCredit: Splash News

J-Lo seems to be loving her residency already, and took the opportunity to label ex Drake, 30, a “booty call” on stage after unfollowing him on Instagram.

Jennifer is scheduled to perform her concert, entitled All I Have, at the Vegas venue until October 7, with a break in July and August.

Meanwhile Jennifer has wowed fans in her role as corrupt Detective Harlee Santos, in the second series of New York-set crime drama Shades Of Blue.

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